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This week's WIPS

In an attempt to be better at keeping the blog up to date with what I'm making in real time (rather than when I get around to taking the pretty finished photos), I'm going to try to do a weekly WIP.  All photos from my phone as I work, so the lighting will almost certainly be off, and if I got zero sewing done, then there will be zero post. trying to make the rules for myself as relaxed as possible ;-)

So this week:

I have sat with my Christmas Penny on my lap... I might have added 3 stitches... It's a pain to hand quilt this because it's really stiff, but I just want it done! And I think I have conned myself into doing it with a cross hatch, which means even when I finish, I have to turn around and do the same again!! Who's idea was this?? ...That's right, mine :-/

I started cutting out a new quilt, because I am an addict. Pink and flowers and linen (look)... oh my! This will either be glorious or completely over rated!

I worked a little on the latest Round Ro…

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