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WIP Wednesday

I have been diligently plugging away at my #makenine2020 but because they're epic, there's not a lot to show for it... My #jellybeanquilt is the closest to finished, as I took the time to cut the extra fabric I needed and baste the pieces.  I need to add 2 rows to the far edge and it'll be a complete top.  No more getting a finished top and then deciding to make it *slightly* bigger.  This is it. Foot down. It is a good single bed size and that is enough. i don't have enough fabric to make it bigger even if I wanted to. My #subtletyplottwist is coming along.  I basted all the pieces down and am lugging it from room to room to slowly needle turn all the pieces into place.  I've never done needle turn applique before so there are parts that are a bit tricky (pointy points are still beyond me), but I'm persevering. And I started the cutting for the #pemberleygrande! Literally have only cut one block out, but it's an intricate and fiddly quilt, so th

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