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A Calendar of Quilts

I am a person who experiences the worst FOMO (fear of missing out).  And one of the ways this manifests in is watching all the cool quilty people I follow, through blogs or insta or wherever, who have amazing quilty seasonal decor.  It turns my eyes green with envy watching all the pretty placemats, and wall hangings and table runners come out to mark the special events of the year.  And yet I am not a person who uses placemats, or wall hangings or table runners, so my FOMO exists enough to make me feel envious but not enough to make me want to *decorate* my house for every thing that happens.

And yet, I have been toying with an idea. To have a Calendar of Quilts. A big bundle of quilts which come out specifically for moments throughout the year.  This would mean I'm not *redecorating* I'd just be adding a little something something to our bed or lounge.  Easy rotation!  No *decorating* required (the exception being Christmas, where I love to go all out).

While this idea was b…

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