Desperately seeking swoon

I was on a mission last week.  The linky party for the Scrappy Swoon happened at the Hopeful Homemaker on last Thursday/Friday.

So I was  cutting and sewing quite frantically in an attempt to get my Swoon all finished so I could join in, but I just didn't make it.

I tried I really did, but I have to work, and I don't have unlimited sewing time. I am almost finished the quilt top, but I have a few more blocks to go.

I spent one night just chopping all the chocolate fabric.

Then I spent a night I made the big 3x6 brown blocks.

That was all I managed pre-deadline.

On Friday night and Saturday, I attacked my pile of 3 3/4" squares and made hsts... Many many hsts. Then I had to iron all those stupid seams open. By Sunday I was seriously over it.

One thing I want to say, and maybe it's not fair but it's how I feel, the timeframes were a bit ... *grumble, grumble, mutter, mutter*... for this project.  There was a post every two weeks with sections, which is fine if there's nothing else happening in your life. But one section was "quilt" and I'm sorry but it takes me more than a week to get a fullsize quilt quilted, even if I did nothing but work on that one project. The week after was "bind".  Again, to hand bind takes me well more than a week, so I knew I wasn't going to make the fully finished deadline, but I was hoping to have my top done to sneak into the linky even if I was technically cheating... But the linky was only open for 24 hours!! Now, I have never made a link thingy, but can't you set those up so there is a reasonable amount of time to add projects??? like say open for more than 24 hours in the middle of the week??

I guess I'm disappointed because I only started this project because there was a quilt along, and it worked well for me, in that I liked having the instructions all there and seeing it come together for other people at the same time. I really wanted to show off my finish and be part of the group, and I missed out. I'm whining, but I really am grumbly about it. I just wished I could be part of the cool group with my finished quilt :-(

So status report is that all fabric is completely cut. All hsts are made and ironed. Next task is to make the squares that contain brown angles. Then finish it as a quilt top! So hopefully another week?? Ashley's away, so I'm going to try to devote most of my out of work energy to it.

So wish me luck!!

E xx

PS - Note that so far all my photos are far away artsy looking shots of my pretty colours... this is because I don't want you to look at my seams. They're atrocious. I don't think a single set line up. but, really - who looks that closely anyway!! Right?

Ok, if you want to get in on last weeks gift, go now to my last post! (on the blogger app, so I can't link) I haven't drawn a winner yet so if you get in now I'll add you to the list :-)

Oh!! And I'm linked to Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop! Check the button on the right and go see wow else has got what going on!!!

Talk to you all soon!
E xx


  1. It's hard to finish in a hurry -- especially when you've got a lot going on -- but this is looking great!

  2. You're quite right Erin, sometimes the deadlines set are a little overly- ambitious for most of us, even if we're at home full time, we still have to eat and sleep occasionally right!! Good Luck getting it done soon :o).

  3. It amazes me how quickly some people quilt their quilts. It takes me ages, especially when you have to pin/tack them first. I'm sure you'll get there in the end.

  4. Hey you aren't the only one who "struggles" with those kinds of deadlines. I just started to blog in May 2012 and I have missed out on the couple of quilt a longs that I have done because I work almost full time and have two little kids at home, so I am definitely sympathetic! I have the exact same problem. However, your blocks are really really looking cute! I can't wait to see the final finish!

  5. Here's a true confession, Erin: sometimes reading lots of blogs and seeing everyone's progress is almost depressing because I feel like everyone else is being productive except me....especially when my projects aren't going well (like this past week or so). Sometimes I have to take a break from reading about all that progress...but don't tell anyone, please.

  6. I totally agree with you and Nina! I have school/a job/a life outside my sewing machine and its really hard to compare/compete with some of these bloggers who do this for a living.

  7. I also missed the deadline :( It looks like I'm in about the same spot as you are sewing wise. Hopefully we both get them finished before they become UFOs!

  8. I have an impossible time if I'm sewing with a deadline! It takes some of the joy out of it! I'd love to see the finish!


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