WIP Wednesday - well Thursday...

Ok, well last week I shared my handstitching WIP's (also known as the contents of my embroidery bag). Today I want to share what is scattered around my sewing room.

Don't judge me - You're sewing room isn't any neater!
Now give me a little leeway in that I haven't taken all new pictures for most of these, I'm going off what I've already uploaded :-) But when you see the size of the list you'll see that there's too much to try to do if I took all new photos of each project.

So I have broken down my projects into what state they are in.  Here we go!
Practically finished!
  • Sewing Machine Cover - front binding done, back binding is less done
  • Sewing Machine Mat - to be quilted and bound (but I'm including it in this section because I should be able to finish it at the same time as the sewing machine cover.
  • Pre-made Panels - I bought these cute little pre-quilted panels and all they need is binding.  And yet, they are still sitting in a corner of my sewing room and have been for months.  All I need to do is cut some binding for them!!  This will take no time at all!! And yet they sit...

  • Giant Swoon  - so I may not have told you this yet, but guess what I finished... I'm only showing you a hint, not the whole shebang. You'll have to wait for a proper post for this one!


  • Lashings of Positivity (Yellow strips) - OMG this one has been folded up in a box and languished for a year!

  • Improv Owls - Another long term top that needs to get backed and finished

  • Mia's Quilt - I finished this top and then fell out of love.  I showed it to a friend and she agreed the pink edges don't work (they don't look terrible in the photo but in person it's just not working).  But we came up with a solution! I am going to flip those edges over and make it a smaller quilt.  So the top will actually just be the cute scrappy a part and the back will be pink with the name.  I like this plan much better and am now a little bit more excited to get to work on this.

Pieced backing in progress
  • Carpenter's Wheel - I love this and am about 3/4 through making a fantabulous backing for it.

Half built
  • Hand stitched Medallion - I still need to add the embroidery, but I also need a few more rows added on.  I have all the material - most of it is even cut and ready to go, I just have to add it.

  • Improv - I have been doing bits and pieces of this as the mood strikes. I'd say it's about half done.
  • Skill Builder BOM - I haven't even posted about this yet! I joined this in January and am about 1/4 of the way through (so significantly behind) I love it, but as the blocks got more challenging (and as my life got more chaotic) it dropped of the must do list.  I do want to finish it though, so it's a high enough priority that I haven't packed it out of sight yet :-)
  • Jacob's Quilt- I started this one over a year ago, but didn't know what to do next. I was going to chop it up and use the pieces in a bit more of a funky way, but the baby's mum liked the simple stripes.  So, not knowing how to bring this up to size or what I wanted it to look like anymore, it has been tucked out of sight and semi-forgotten.  Seeing as I started it while the baby was in-utero and he is now 1 and a half, I should probably get on this.

  • Red & Black Log Cabin - Once I finished my first ever quilt I started this one. I went to two classes and then packed this up in a bag. It's been sitting under my sewing table ever since. I don't even know if I like it, but I have the material for a Queen size, so I will attempt to do this. At some point. It's probably not ever going to be my first priority though.  Unless I give it to my Mum for Christmas...

  • Mini Charms- I only started this the other night, because I couldn't resist their cuteness. It's a low priority, but simple sewing, so it'll probably get done before any of the hard ones. :-)

  • Spring Bricks- I bought this quilt kit one day because I felt like Spring.  That means it was at least 10 months ago.  I started chopping, but didn't get any further...

  • Donkey - I have had this half made donkey sitting on the desk for a year.  That's ridiculous.  I am getting this little man done and out of my house!!

Material bought but not yet cut
  • Christmas Quilt for me - I bought all of this fabric last year, so I'd have something to snuggle up under. Yeah. I haven't touched it. Considering Christmas is less than 10 weeks away, I really should get on this or give it up until next year.

  • Santa Sack - Last year I made one for my husband, my sister and my brother-in-law, but ran out of time to make mine :-( I am determined that this year I will have a fabulous patchwork Santa bag for all my presents to go into. I am going to use the same fabrics as my quilt.
  • Pink and Yellow Owls - I bought this super cute stuck the other day and am going to make a plus quilt! I think it'll be a great way to showcase the prints. I think it might end up being for one of my gorgeous nieces.. depending on when I get it finished.

  • Pink, Purple and Yellow - Here is another bundle I bought at least 18 months ago and haven't done anything with. I haven't come up with a pattern yet. 

  • Grinch Quilt - I know I already have a planned project for a Christmas quilt, but I want this one too!!! I really enjoy the story of the Grinch, so I think it will be awesome to have a Quilt that tells a story.

  • Cat in the Hat quilt x 3- Speaking of quilts that tell a story (and can you half tell I used to work with small children) I bought some Cat in the Hat fabric AGES ago.  I got three big panels and now I need to do something with them. I think each one will be different, but I don't know what they'll look like yet.  I am trying to stop myself from being too linear with them. I don't want them to be super structured, but that means I have to think outside of my boundaries.

  • Deck table runner - Our back deck is a gorgeous rich wood. On it sits a fabulous wooden table and wooden chairs.  This is a lot of wood in one place. About two years ago I bought material to make a table runner.  I have added to the pile of greens I have and there is now a stock pile sitting in a shelf just asking me to turn it into a table runner. I want it to feel quite organic (it is supposed to make it feel like the trees are coming into the deck a little) and I haven't worked out how best to do this.  I'd like to get this done before summer is over.

Projects I have signed up to do and haven't started yet
  • Phil's Quilt- I have a plan.  Thanks to Erin @ Missy Mac Creations I have a pattern. I do not have fabric. I am waiting for the pattern to arrive so i know my yardage requirements.

  • Penny Patch - Yes, I have signed up for another quilt-a-long. Hence why i am writing this list, in an attempt to get everything done so I can get on it! I of course, also want to buy more fabric so mine can be in pretty blues and oranges and low volume :-)
  • Arkansas Traveller - I got a big bundle of fabric in the mail the other day and I am ready to start chopping! ... Once I make a practise block :-)

So all up we have 31 WIPs.  OMG!!! No wonder my sewing room is overflowing. And I haven't included the 2 bee projects I have to get finished as a priority.

So my mission this weekend is to attack these WIPs and reclaim some of my space. I reckon we can knock off at least the sewing machine mat/cover and the pieced back.  And maybe cut up that binding... Then I might make a start on one of my Christmas projects - I have incentive to get it finished, so it could be a winner! Of course it is partially considered to be starting a new project...

E xx


  1. Wow! and I thought I had a lot to do with 4 Christmas tree skirts and a table runner. :) Good luck on your projects ~ the Mia Quilt is my favorite!

    1. I didn't think it was this bad, but once you start looking, they start apearing :-) I might have more fabric set aside for soem projects, but I chose to leave those in hiding for a bit longer.
      Oh, and you're treee shirts are lovely!! I have signed up to follow your progress :-)
      E xx

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right! It's kind of overwhelming :-)

  3. I am right in the middle of making a Carpenter Wheel...and here I thot it was called a Morning Star:):) Regardless of the name..its lovely..I am making mine in Winters Lane fabrics...

    1. Marilyn, I just checked out your monring star and it's gorgeous (great fabric choice). My theory is the difference is the "spokes" can't think of another word for it. From the looks, the morning star is 1 colour for the star and 1 colour for the surround, whereas the carpenters wheel ahs the alternating points. That's my theory, and it's probably wrong :-).
      Oh, and I've followed you on Bloglovin' so I'll be abel to keep up with the rest of your BOM progress, it look sliek a good one!
      E xx

  4. Your list is as scary as mine! I started making a list a long time ago but gave up on it because it made me twitchy to think about how much half-finished stuff was sitting around in my sewing room or tucked into boxes under the bed or in the closet :D You've got lots of great looking stuff on the go, though!

    1. Thanks! I really like most of it, which is why I haven't hidden it away yet (i do have more tucked out of sight). I've been avoiding making a list, but decided that in the interests of accountability and to help give myself a sense of accomplishment when I finish these things, I was writing it down. It added up fast!!!
      E xx

  5. Great list!! I'm glad I inspired you. It really feels a lot better to get it all out there! I have a few that didn't make the list because I forgot about them until I was cleaning my house and found them. I have also added several more since then, it's kind of crazy. I can't wait to see how you do on these!

    1. I found a few more :-/ And, being me, I started a whole new one yesterday! lol. I knew I had lots of bits and pieces, but wow! I do feel better knowing exactly what's what. Now to see how long it takes to get them all done :-)
      E xx

  6. Well at first I was going to make some comment about how big your list was, but I'll be honest, mine would be that big if I actually put all my WIPs on it, instead of culling it to things I think I'll work on.
    So, you get bonus points in my book for being honest. :)

    1. lol. I normally only post about what I'm actually physically touching, but Julie did a big WIP around and I was inspired. So I actually pulled everything out and tried to sort it and prioritise it and before I knew it, there were hundreds of projects!!!!
      I promise, next week, I'll go back to being my lazy, unaccountable self :-)E xx

  7. good golly! do you do anything but sew?! that's not meant as an insult - I just wonder how you find the time to do all of this. =) busy, busy!

    1. Lol! I wish!!! If I did, I might have a smaller list! Unfortunately I won't have time to do all of this. I'm hoping to get some of it, as least a little further along though.
      E xx


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