Jewelled Swoon #1

You may remember, once upon a time, that I made a GIANT swoon quilt. Well, even back then I knew I wanted to make a proper swoon quilt, but it's taken me another 4 years to get to it. But get to it I have!

The pattern has been sitting patiently waiting for me, and I finally took the plunge. Some of the people I follow on Insta had started to post about doing a #swoonalong2017 and I can never resist a bandwagon. Before I knew it I had raided my stash and had myself a fabric pull.

The above was my starting point.  The butterflies were purchased on purpose for this quilt, but everything else is from stash. The black text is from Madronna Road, and I fell in love with it a couple of years ago and bought 10 yards... Yeah, I need to start using it more. A lot more.

The teal with the mustard and purple flowers was my "jumping off" fabric, and I built the rest around that, but I also think that the Cathedral Windows challenge happening on Stitched in Color may have contributed to my choices. I was in the mood for rich and moody and depth.

I had in my mind using the black for the centres, but was a bit scared.

I picked my favourite print ever (Joel Dewberry - Bungalow) and made my first block as bit of a tester...

And... I love it.

It's intense. But I think in a good way...It's dramatic!!

I'm still nervous about having all of these blocks the same (as in black on the inside), but I decided I just have to commit. I took to that yardage and just chop chop chopped. So my cutting table then had all the black and background ready to go.  Now this is not my normal way of piecing - I'm not a pre-cutter. I've done it before and I end up with piles of cut fabric and half-built quilts that are left abandoned. It's so wasteful. But I am determined that this time that is not how this is going to be. I decided that I was going to commit and make this darn quilt come hell or high water!!

So right now my table is chock full of pieces of black and cream. I've made 7 blocks, and now I have to make a fateful decision about how to proceed...

Official start date - 25/1/17
Top complete - ?????


  1. I LOVE the same star and background fabrics. (It might help that I LOVE both of those fabrics.) This is going to be soooo pretty. I've really enjoyed seeing yours blocks on IG! :)

  2. I love your fabric choices for this quilt. It's going to look fabulous so you have to finish it xx


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