Honest August WIP list

Ok, so while I'm in Ireland, my WIP list is essentially trying to keep to 1 thing at a time.

I have 1 machine project and 1 ongoing hand stitching project.  Full stop.  Although, I am toying with starting another machine based one... which i should not do... but |I might. I can't help it. I'm an addict. But for right now, My list is just 2 things:

But one thing I've done while here, which I started to do when I was home, but have now done proper like with a proper spreadsheet and everything, is make a master WIP list.

I've included every quilt that I can recall off the top of my head, and where I think it is up to, and where I intend for it to go, and if I know the dates I've included them too.

You'll see I've broken the list into 4 categories:
1 - basted and ready for quilting
2 - inprogress
3 - need to start (baby/wedding gifts)
4 - ideas I want to start, but have yet to cut into.

I could have broken category 2 into 2 groups, being finihsed, but needing a backing, versus actual WIPs, but my mission for when I get home is to start turning some of those end stage projects into active quilting type projects.  Unfortunately, the "finished top, and then set aside pile" is actually my largest. There are 15 finished tops waiting for me to choose a backing and shuffle them along to the end stage.

I have 10 projects which are in active construction. Or inactive construction as there are 2 out of that pile that I haven't touched in over a year (although I have been away for 6 months, so I think I get a mini out on that, right?).

So, I don't think I'm doing too badly.  I have a lot of projects on there, but the majority are actually at the end stages. I think what makes me *think* I have too many projects, is that the unstarted ones are in my head too.  I definitely think there have been times when my list has been in worse shape than it is now.

And I'm in a really good place to dive back in when I get home!

How many WIP's do you thin is the right amount? Am I crazy?

E xx


  1. Well done for making a list! I need one! I hope to get some projects finished off before the year is out!!


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