First attempt at real live quilting

So the simple throw-it-together blanket I was making for a friend has turned into an extravagent quilting experiment.

I was planning on just throwing this together, and instead it has now become an epic quilting challenge, with me trying to use my machine to quilt this with annoying waves and drops of water and stupid fluffy clouds. I don't want to show you how awful it is but...

I had to unpick the clouds, because they were so bad. But they still need to be quilted! So I am HAND QUILTING! OMG. This was not in the plan.  This is going to be a blimin' picnic and play mat. Why am I hand quilting?????  Although it does look nice having these cartoon quilted clouds.  But that's not the point!

And the back!... Oh, such a disappointment.  I was trying to keep it simple. No fuss no muss.  But it's just boring.  I don't like it. It's a big blue nothingness.  I like the way the quilting shows on it, but I just wish it was more interesting.

To be honest, I am over this. I am halfway throught the clouds, and i think i'm maxed out on hand quilting.  It feels like a chore and i just want to enjoy my quilting.  I have a feeling this will languish on the couch waiting for me to finish it.