Oops I purchased again....

Damn Spotlight and their insane piles of fabric! I did not need fabric. I walked away with $400 worth of fabric!!! I bought some yellow and black packs, having been inspired by a super cute quilt I saw on ssparrowinflight@blogspot.com made me want to rush out and go yellow. So the yellow and black was kind of planned purchasing.

And right next to it was some fabulous news print! I adore letters on fabric, and i didn't have any some it was a totally worthwhile purchase.

Christmas has come out already so I bought some Santa themed fabric and some stars and Christmas fat quarters and I how to make a Christmas quilt. Maybe a little strange, but I love Christmas, so to have a blankie just for that time of year will actually suit me perfectly. And if it lives in the roof with the tree for the rest of the year, so be it!

I grabbed some minky for the back of my owls, which means it needs to get basted and then it's ready to quilt.

I bought a metre of light pink minky to back the minky kit quilt that I'm 90% of the way through sewing. I have two seams left and then I can quilt it. I am tempted not to include a wadding as it will be double sided minky which I'm thinking will already be pretty warm. I also bought some satin ribbon to bind it. I admit this is my lazy cheating way to bind. Ribbon is already cut and guaranteed to be the right width without any possibility I will have miss measured. I also love the satin texture as an edge. I think it's a nice textural thing to add to a blankie.

I bought some lovely printed satin that I think will make a stunning skirt and I'm going to cut a half metre to make a wall hanging in my study. This may or may not work. I'll let you know! It was only $10 a metre so it's a bargain. I was tempted to buy an extra metre just so I could have spare.

I bought a couple of metres of a beautiful gauze-y material. I'll need to have a lining under this but I can see it as a gorgeous skirt or dress. It will have to be soft and floaty and feminine.

To help me make things with these lovely dress fabrics (no way can I see either of these going into quilts) I obviously had to buy some patterns! So I got a couple

And then as I was lining up the have everything cut up and pay for it and noticed some lovely sewing books...

They are full of knowledge and challenges so I am hoping to throw myself in and make some of these things. I'm worried they're a little beyond my abilities but I'll give it a go anyway!

I'm sure I must have bought more, because I don't know how this added up to $400. It was a good couple of hours of shopping and I'm hoping to spend the night sewing up a storm!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Has anyone got stories to tell about crazy shopping sprees?

<3 E xx