Cross stitch goodness

So, as expected I spent all day yesterday lying about. I made it all the way from the bed to the couch and then back to bed at 9pm. I feel pretty proud of myself that at 3 o'clock I actually managed to get dressed, walk downstairs and talk to the neighbours for all of 15 minutes. I only lasted 15 before I had to come back to lie down again. My poor little tummy is just so tender and achy. Oh well. Did you want to see what I achieved yesterday??? No quilting because I couldn't sit at my machine and didn't get anything up to hand stitching stages, but I started and finished this this bit of sewing goodness.


  1. What a cute little owl. I love how you did his eyes!

    1. Thanks Kat. I wasn't a fan of the eyes in the pattern but I really like him when he's all done. I.m actually thinking of making more of him, for a little mini art in my study.

    2. I just saw this - you could make such a fun little owly piece! with a little tree or something and a bunch of little owls in each part of the tree... so many cute ideas. Did you make up this little owl pattern? If so you should sell it! I would totally buy it to make my own owl.

    3. I actually bought more threads to make a little parliament of owls for my study.
      I didn't come up with the pattern, I bought it from Spotlight, but I'll email you a copy if you like.


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