My first ever followers!!!!


I have my first ever followers!! I am so very very excited (in case you can't tell)
Miss Chrissie and Miss Sarah you have just made my day.

I have to admit I've been feeling a little lonely over here.  I didn't blog to have followers, but it sure is nice to know that poeple are interested.  And yesterday I worked out how to add the following thingimy on the sidebar and look!! We have people!

If you want to know all about these lovely ladies you should also check out their blogs (bet you two didn't think you were going to get a free plug just for being my friend. lol)

Chrissie blogs over at Made by Chrissie D. Chrissie is an Englishman in New York... Well an English lady in New Jersey But that's practically the same, right?!?! She has a fancy pants degree in Art & Design and you can see this in the colours and textures she is drawn to in her quilts. She posts lots of inspiration photos, which I love!

And Miss Sarah! Sarah has two blogs. The first is where I found her and fell a little in love.  She is studying for a certificate in patchwork and quilting (who knew there was such a thing!) and shows all her class projects and samples and inspirations. You should go there - Sarah Sews is where it's at. And as you go throguh and see all the projects that she makes you'll notice how many are super cute and perfect for little people... That leads us to her new blog Quilt Candy.  this blog is all about the things she makes for little people and is connected to her fabulous shop Quilt Candy. Unfortunately I'm in Australia so it makes it less efficient to order from her, but I wish I could because everything is GORGEOUS! I mean it. Look -

Sarah Sews

So in case you haven't realised, I'm very happy to no longer be all alone in the world. Welcome my lovely ladies and I hope I don't ramble so much you get too bored and leave me! lol



  1. Hi Erin, thanks so much for the shout out, and it's a pleasure to be one of your first followers. Chrissie D is a very good blogging friend of mine too, it's a small world! I look forward to following you and seeing what you come up with next. Sarah x

    1. Fancy meeting you here Sarah ;) What fun! :)

    2. I know, so funny! Thank you again Erin for featuring us both, you are too kind! xx

  2. Wow Erin, that's an amazing surprise, thanks so much for all the lovely, lovely things you've said. I'm glad to read that you've only just discovered how to add the 'followers' section to your blog because I couldn't understand why no one was following you, it seemed odd given that your blog is really great and I enjoy your blogging 'voice'. Now, however, it all makes sense and I know that although Sarah and I are your first followers, we're not going to be your last, very big hugs Chrissie x

  3. Hello Erin - glad to be your third follower:). I found your blog through ChrissieD. The world is small!

  4. Hi Erin ! Love your blog. I am a new blogger - a few days. I have no clue what I am doing since I am not a technical person. I don't know how to make that following button, and I'm pretty sure no one has EVER seen my first couple of posts. I'm rather scared to even be doing this blog thing, but I love reading others - and I do have a voice and thoughts, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I could really use some technical help though.
    Keep up the nice site, I'll be back


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