Saturday, Sunday and now Monday

I am a tad bored. I have been lying around for three days now, and while notmally that is how I describe heaven, this time it's just boring. Part of the problem is I am all inspired to work on my projects, but I can't sit at my machine because of the stitches in my belly, so I am just staring at all my fabric and unable to do anything.

I have mia's quilt sitting IN the machine, I am that ready to sew it, but I tried briefly yesterday and lasted about 30 seconds. The angle I have sit and then the pressure to use the peddle... Who would have thought you used your abs so much in everyday life?

So Mia's quilt is just watching me, waiting for me. And Jacob is being born today and I haven't finished his quilt yet either! I didn't finish it because his name hadn't been definately decided, and I don't want to sew a name on that's not actually his name, but I still wish I could have had it ready for today.

I have my Dr Seuss fabric tucked away in the corner, which I am itching to get to, I think it's going to be so lovely I just want it made. And I picked up some more Dr Seuss the other day... It's Grinch fabric!!! How could I resisit?? I can have a Christmas quilt with a kiddy theme. It practically has my name written on it!

And then I have a little Christmas project. I want to make some summer weight lap quilts with my gorgeous Christmas panels.

See I have ideas!! I am inspired. I have time!! I.m just sitting around the house. But alas, no sewing for me. Not even any cutting, becaus a rotary cutter uses your abs too. Grumble grumble grumble.

So it's keeping on with the cross stich. It's kept me mostly occupied, but I can tell I'm about to loose patience with it. I mean, sure I guess it's pretty, but what on earth am I going to do with it???

Wanna see what I did yesterday?


  1. I love the butterflies! I hope your recovery is speedy so you can get back to your sewing/quilting! :-)

  2. Oh NOOO! what a bummer to not be able to work at your machine or cutting mat... BUT I have a rad suggestion, how about English Paper Piecing?!?! It's the absolute best most fun thing to do if I'm unable to be at my machine (or just want to cuddle up on the couch) because you can have everything you need right there, and involves minimal movement. WAY better than your cross stitch (no offense, it's super adorable! a bookmark maybe?) and you get to use your fun quilty fabrics!

  3. The butterflies are adorable! I hope you are feeling better soon!


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