I'm Erin. A 30-something girl from Brisbane, Australia.  I'm a wife, and a sister and a friend... but most of all, a quilter. Or at least, I sit at a sewing machine a lot and occasionally sew pieces of fabric together to kind of resemble a quilt...
Me and my hubby on a recent trip to Dublin

I don't pretend to be any good at it, but since stumbling into this hobby a couple of years ago, I've discovered it's my happy place, and if I'm happy then I'm ok with not being the biggest or the bestest.

I live with my long suffering husband, Ashley (also known as Grumpy Man) and our beagle Henry.  Both of our families live locally, so we spend a lot of time with them.  And our street is one of those crazy things you see on tv, where we all know each other and get along and pop over to one another's houses and ask if we can borrow kitchen ingredients... Weird, I know, but it's amazing.

I'm a proud member of the Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild. Being part of this guild is one of the best decisions ever.  Just check out all the goodness under the River City Round Robin tag to see the incredible creations from some of the amazing the women I have met through this guild.  Because as much as I love my internet bloggy peeps, my guild peeps are just as special (#quiltyfriendsarethebest).

In my real life, I work at a Law Firm writing letters and drafting legal advices and other boring grown up things, but the time at my machine (or sitting down with some epp, some hand quilting, some embroidery, or even some cross stitch) that's when I'm really me.

I don't pretend to be any good at blogging. I have a terrible habit of disappearing for long periods of time, and I make random things and then forget about them halfway through (my WIP/UFO pile is intense, my friends) but eventually I get back to it and everything will end up with a wrap up post... eventually...

I also am terrible at keeping up to date with the rest of the blogosphere, but I will binge on blogs and get back up to date, but then I can't comment, because I feel like a creeper stalking month old (or longer) posts.  Just know that it's done with love ;-).


well if you have any questions about me, throw them in the comments and I'll answer as best I can.

Thanks for hanging out in my little corner of the internet!!


E xx


  1. Hi E, what is your email? my blogger wasn't synced to my email and I would like to reply to your comment <3


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