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Goblins and ghosties and things that go bump in the night

As an Aussie, Halloween is not really something we do.  My Mum spent many years railing against the Americanisation of our country when Halloween started to become more of a thing here.  But now, as an adult, I am finding it hard not to be sucked in.

In my local neighbourhood all the little children are now old enough to get into trick or treating and it has made me nostalgic for the sense of wonder that events like these inspire in little children.  So I determined last year that I was going to go all out and decorate the house and find a costume.. all the jazz! (PS I totally did and it totally rocked.  Now I need to up my game for this year... what have I gotten myself into!!)

It so happened that a cute quilt pattern had came out which fit with both my desire to decorate for Halloween, and my Calendar of Quilts project.
The Ghost Quilt by Then Came June (in collaboration with Pen & Paper Patterns) was released in April (along with some other very cute patterns that you might see…

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