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Sharing the Calendar of Quilts love

A few months ago I mentioned that I had made up a Calendar of Quilts, and was going to embark on a mission to make quilts, for me to keep, that tied in with events throughout the year.  A way for me to decorate seasonally, without actually decorating seasonally. And also a fun way to make an interesting quilty bucket list and provide a prompt for those times when I just don't know what I want to make.

Now while I've been silent on the blog about it, in my sewing room I've actually been loving it!! I have to take pictures but that's the only thing in my way of sharing my first top for my calendar.

And I certainly haven't been silent about it with my quilty friends.  A few people have mentioned to me that they also seem to make a lot of quilts, but don't have many in their homes, and at times get stuck in that "what to make" bubble, and to them I've relayed my fabulous idea for the Calendar of Quilts.  And they're on board!! I told them I'd …

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