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Penny Christmas

When I finished setting up all my Christmas decorations this year, I was very happy - my house had lots of Christmas, but wasn't cluttered or tacky.  And yet, it was missing something.  One little thing that would make it complete... A Christmas quilt.

Yes, I live in Brisbane, Australia, where our Christmas Day hit 31*C (and it felt like more), but I'm a quilter and so I need quilts, at all times. Because one a hot day, there's nothing like putting the aircon on and then snuggling under a quilt.

I happened to be wondering through the local Spotlight, and their Christmas range this year was just exactly what I was looking for - neutral!

I love text fabric, pretty much any time, and combined with the linen look calico-y brown, and the screen print-y tress, it made my heart happy.  I also bought some greys, not pictured (not sure why not, sometimes I don't even know what goes on  in my head).

I just wanted simple and easy, so I turned to a pattern I have used before - the…

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