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Quilt vs Quilter

A little while ago, over on Instagram, there was a rash of #quiltvsquilter – where people compiled a 9 grid of images of their makes that they think reflect who they think they are as a quilter.  I tried to make one myself, but then I felt like it was too much jumping on the band wagon, so I never posted it.
And then the New Bloggers Hop happened in blog world, and I was watching all the new, excited bloggies introducing themselves, and the best intros *also* had a bit of a summary about what makes really reflected their style and it has bumped my butt into gear.  I *want* to answer the question and try to define me as maker - a little bit at least.
                So who am I as a quilter???
I love my low volume. I think that’s really clear. Both from my makes and from my fabric stash – it’s really hard for me to pass by low volume bolts without getting *just a little* to take home with me.  My low volume stash takes over more space in my sewing room than any other category.  And if I…

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