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Retreat Round Up

So I had my three days in the outback stitching up a storm with the lovely ladies of the BMQG. Heaven on earth, to be able to sit and sew without interruptions (other than being called to food you didn't have to make yourself).

I had a pretty intense list of projects I wanted to tackle, and I managed to fit it all into my car, but it wasn't until I arrived on site and started to unpack, that I realised I'd left behind the extension table for my machine so anything that was "quilting" was not going to be worked on at all. (It's not a proper sew day unless you've left *something* at home.  At least it wasn't the power cord... I've done that before)

So what did I work on?? Well let's pull up the list, shall we...

My Swoon - bound on the first night and then slept under it for the rest of the weekend.  Photos to come soon.My Anthologie quilt.  All the pieces are made and have been turned into slabs, *but* it's not a finished top because I need …

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