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RCRRv2 - Kathryn's Quilt

So I shared my starter block, the other week, but it's only a round robin if I have something to work on too.  I go the pleasure of being first off the bat to work on Kathryn's quilt.

Now Kath is an overachiever, so her starter is not one block, but SIX.

A full row of foundation paper pieced stars. So gorgeous.  And she also sent along a giant box of fabric - enough that I could make three quilts and still have leftovers, I think ;-)

She said that she wanted something "Fair Isle". A row by row, in the clean black, white, red colour scheme she had. But *not* Christmas.  So no reindeers or snowflakes.  Always good to have clear direction.

So, I took this "starter" home with me and mulled for a little while.  Ok, I also googled "Fair Isle" to try and see if I could work out something from that, but that's not cheating - it's research... and we'll all stick to that story...even if they question us separately ;-)

So from what I can find, Fai…

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