2018 in review

I should probably have posted this a week or 2 ago, but I'm getting to it now, so points for trying, right!!

2018 was pretty epic. on both a personal and quilting front (not to mention actual work).  I am entering 2019 quite exhausted.  But quilting wise, this past year has been dynamite.  Perhaps it is the flow on of having limited options when we were in Ireland that this year, I wanted to sew all the things!! And I did. I think this was my most productive year ever.

I made about 9 small projects, including some cushions and an armchair caddy for my hand sewing.

I finished *8* quilts.  Seriously.  EIGHT.  That is unheard of. It's my most productive year ever.

5 of those I gave away as gifts, but I have 3 quilts that now live in my house that didn't in 2017.

I posted about my Jewelled Swoon, early in year.  Since finishing this has been on high rotation on my bed. I still love the colours and it's a wonderful size.

The only other finish I actually blogged was the Bogan Quilt for my brother. Simple but so yummy.

I've been very quiet on the blog, but I'll share the other finishes this month so you can see all the goodies... Except that 3 of the ones I've gifted I neglected the photo taking part.  Oops.  Just trust me that they were really pretty ;-)

I did start a lot of new quilts that haven't quite made it to the finish line yet.  13 new WIPs waiting for me to get my butt in gear.

Some of them are closer to finished than others.  The Escargot Quilt and the Camping Quilt are still waiting to be quilted, and the BFQ is still waiting for binding. And I've spent large portions of 2018 hand quilting the Anthologie Quilt, so it's edging forward.  I started 3 new Christmas quilts, all of which are now tucked away for the November/December madness next year when I kick myself for not working on them now.

I'm starting 2019 with about 46 WIPs, including 24 tops ready to get quilted and 5 quilts ready for binding. I have high hopes that this year will be epic for doing the final finish on a lot of these.

One of the things I did that gave me great pleasure this year was to sort the WIPs into some sort of order.  All the tops without backing  are in 1 box, the unbasted tops and their backings are in a big pile, where all 3 layers are basted but unquilted they are in another pile, and quilted and unbound are in still another.  And while that sounds like a crazy system it is hopefully allowing for better processing.

I love me some WIP organisation.  I've also kept my spreadsheet up to date, and I love it!!!  i love know straight away what's what.  It's a bit of a rip off of the Quilter s Planner, but I prefer to think of it as being inspired by the Planner, and that's totally ok.

So wish me luck in 2019. And I wish you many, many finishes for the New Year.  May your bobbin never run empty, my friends.

E xx