Swarm - a quilt finish

I totes did it!   Finished a quilt in time with the rest of the quilt-a-long.  I mean, not really, because I delayed getting it quilted and bound and posting about it, but the top was totally done in time! I know you don't believe me, because the quilt-a-long finished months ago, but I swear on all the things I really truly did it in time.

I have  terrible habit of joining these things and then getting lost along the way.  But the pattern was super followable, and the blocks are big, so all I was left to do was get cracking.

I made my bees with the traditional black and yellow colouring.  After buying my fabric I realised that all the bees in our yard are actually more orange than yellow...  I don't know if Aussie bees are more orange than other bees, but I saw some very yellow bumble bees in my travels so I said bugger it, and just went with this colour scheme and I'm really happy with it.

I love the heathered grey background I chose.  It has such a warm vibe.  When I compare to every other version of this quilt, it seems that I am more muted than many of the others sewing along.  It seems to be my curse.  I do love the super bright vibrant quilts other people make, but they just don't work in my house and they're never the colours I pick instinctively, so I have to just be me and stick with the neutrals.

It's very cool how much love this quilt got too.  I put a progress shot or 2 on my insta and it quickly became one of my most liked photos.  I had people who wanted to buy the quilt or begging for me to make one too.  I had DM's to say this was their favourite of all the quilts I've ever made... Now I like it, but I didn't expect that by a long shot.  But the best feedback: My Grumpy husband asked me if this one was for us because he liked it and thinks it should definitely live at our house <3 That's the highest praise possible in his world.

Because Grumpy liked it I let him have input on backing.  I had my heart set on a wildflower meadow of some kind and he came part way to that vision.

For quilting I cheated and gave it to one of the guild's longarmers.  She added big fat hexagons all over it, and Grumpy is thrilled.  He wanted it to go straight on the bed and was very disappointed when I had to tell him it still needed binding before he was allowed to use it.

I added a nice dark purple for binding and this baby is *finished*.  I toyed with sticking with a grey, but I loved how the purple popped against both the front and the back so I decided to just go with it.

And now look!!  A fully finished, actual-finished, useable quilt!!!!  Insert happy Erin here. Final finish outside the quilt-a-long deadline, but I am 100% ok with that, because it's the closest I've ever been to completing within a quilt-a-long and I'm just so darn happy to be able to add another quilt into my rotation.

And my plan is to pull this quilt out on May 20 every year and celebrate World Bee Day, so this fits perfectly into my Calendar of Quilts.

Got to love these moments.

E xx