Monday, 24 December 2012

I got my sew-jo back

So I know I have been a tad absent, and its not because I don't love you all, it's because I've been missing my mojo. I have not picked up a thread or sat at my machine in weeks and this has unfortunately left me with nothing to show for myself. I have no finishes. No WIPs, no progress of any kind to show.

But that all changed today.

Now, I have to confess that not only had I lost my sewing mojo, I had also lost my Christmas spirit. We have no tree. No lights. No calendar. No carols on the stereo. For the first time in my life, my house is Christmas free. All my Christmas paraphernalia is still inside our roof!

I got myself up this morning and took myself shopping. I bought alllllll the presents for every single person I needed to buy for (yes my lack of spirit extends so far that I hadn't bought presents) including my usual splurge on S-a-n-t-a presents. And when I got home I realised that our stockings are still in the roof! Well rather than the simple alternative of getting them down, I decided I would buy more fabric and make some new Santa sacks!

I know everyone does stockings, but I have always found that to be an awkward shape when it comes time for stuffing. So we have always used pillow cases and called them Santa sacks. Now, I can make that! It's two rectangles sewn together on three sides... Easy!

I could have been super easy on myself and used panels. I could have been easy on myself and done some appliqué with fabric paint (an old school tradition in my family for making Christmas items). But I decided I would do some patchwork. And I'd try QAYG. And I'd do it with improv piecing. And it's awesome!

I've only made one front so far, and I'm cheating and using a plain back, but I love it. It's so much more my husband then anything I've ever bought for him. It makes me so very very happy. And it makes me feel like I've got my sew-jo back! :-)

Merry Christmas!
E xx

Friday, 7 December 2012

Mission - De-clutter

DISCLAIMER - This is un-quilt related. This is home related, but will make my space more inviting for quilting.  Just though you should know that there are no sewing surprises happening in this post. E

As a hope for the new year I am going to schedule myself in for some serious de-cluttering.  I want to have a home that is inviting and welcoming and all mine again instead of a junk yard.

I'll try and take before and afters so you can see how I'm going.

So let us proceed with

Mission De-Clutter

  • 1 - Master Bedroom & Closets
  • 2 - Lounge
  • 3 - Office (wholey moley this will be a serious mission in and of itself)
  • 4 - Kitchen & Pantry
  • 5 - Laundry
  • 6 - Bar
  • 7 - Man Land
  • 8 - Under Stairs
  • 9 - Hallway cupboard
  • 10 - Adrian's room
  • 11 - Downstairs room 2
  • 12 - Garden (yes the garden is in there, because I want to pull weeds and sort out all the detritus that accumulates in our yard... You'll see the photos)
Now the question is: Do I need a week or a month to tackle these problem areas? Or should I not put a time frame on it and just work through systematically so when I'm finished with 1, I go to 2 straightaway?

And I have Man Land in as number 7 - but Ashley just offered to turn this into my sewing space, so it may have to get prioritised up the list :-)

Oh, and so you don't think I'm completely crazy, I was going to wait until the New Year actually started, and have this as a mission for 2013, but I had a plasterer in this week and had to move all my furniture out of my lounge and I figure, seeing as I have to move it all back, I might as well start this mission early.

Ok! Let's get cleaning!!!!!!


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

G'day g'day

Hi there! Welcome to the Lazy Quilter. I assume your here from the small blog meet up happening at  Lily's Quilts. I love this small blog hook up. Unfortunately I don't have a lot for you today. I was in hospital yesterday, so am on bed rest this weekend. It's really throwing a spanner in my quilting plans! I have, however purchases a little cross stitch, so am currently lying in my bed stitching away, and with a little patience I may finish my first cross stitch, before the day is out! Check it out! (excuse the dodgy iPad photo)

**I don't know why or how, but this has jumped from 1 November to here in December!!! If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know, so I can move it back!!!**

Time away = catch up

Oh my goodness, I had no computer for a week, and then was hectically busy for a couple of days and by the time I got back to my page I had several thousand posts to catch up on. I have spent the last two days attempting to catch up on all the quilty goodness I missed.

I admit I also discovered Pintrest, which is my new addiction.  I spent hours trolling through all the quilt/craft goodness. And the home decor!! Oh, I am in love!  If you want to fins me, I think I managed to added the pinny thing to my sidebar or hunt for QuinnyQuilts (that's me!)

So what with one thing and another I have not blogged, but worse... I have not sewed. That's right, not a patch in sight.  I have made a coupe of differnt attempts at doing some quilting, but I'm just not feeling it.

I betta get a move on though, because I have Christmas presents to make.  And me being the slightly crazy person that I am decided that I would make TWO single bed quilts and a QUEEN SIZE quilt...  and I haven't actually started any of these.  Three weeks is heaps of time, right????


And I hope you are all checking out the Small Blog Meet!! It is for all of us out here in blog land with fewer than 50 followers. If you haven't been there yet, you should. It's what this blogging community thing is all about!
Lily's Quilts