Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Toby the Turtle

I have been working on making myself a little friend. 

He is all made out of scraps (I made myself two lovely (well, unfinished, so hopefully lovely) skirts out of this material).  This is my first ever use of ric rac and my first ever applique.  It's not real applique, jut his little toes and adding his shell.  But my bad stitching is hidden by the ric rac and I think the toes are a bit cute!!

I still have to attach the ric rac but I'm think i might hot glue gun it just to keep it super simple and then there will be just a happy little turtle sitting on my shelf :-)

Hi Toby!!

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Hi there!

I have just linked myself up to Plum and June's getting to know you, linky party!

Still trying to make this picture automatically link to things... It's a learning curve.

So hopefully you are all visiting and wanting to know a little bit about me!

i should have made my blog all pretty before linking up, but I hope you'll forgive the randomness and clutter as I try to work out this whole "blog" business.

Anyway..... My name's Erin and I have been quilting since January.  I am definitely still a learner and have spent hours and hours trawling the interwebs lately learning all kinds of new and exciting and slightly daunting and scary things.  I am excited to try some new things and am hoping to stretch myself a little.

I decided to blog, because I was getting so much joy from other peoples blogs that I wanted in on the fun! And also because I am the only person I know who quilts so it's nice to have a place to have a think fest about what's going on in my head.

I don't know about you, but since I started quilting it has taken over my head.  Everywhere I go now I see patterns and colours and spend my time staring at things, thinking about how to replicate that in fabric... And I can't go into Spotlight without spending  at least $100 on more fabric.  For someone who didn't even own a machine 12 months ago, I sure do have a lot of fabric!!

Anyway, I received advice that I have to learn not to ramble on these blog posts, so I'll be off, and I hope you are enjoying your meander through P&J's Getting Acquainted Link Up.

This weekends sewing goodness

Felt so productive this weekend. I actually got some sewing done! Makes me feel so happy.

I have to have an operation next week and the spend a week on bed rest, so I want some quilts to be up to the hand stitching stage before next Friday. This week is mission quilt. I want all the basting AND quilting done on 2 quilts by the end of next weekend so the week after I can lie in bed with the tv on hand bind.

If that doesn't happen in time though I did sneak off to Spotlight and but some little embroidery kits.

I know I've bitten off more than I can chew with the big one, so I went back and bought some simple cross stitches. With a little luck this will help my hand sewing become more proficient and discrete on quilts and clothes and neater and more lovely so I can do this fancy embroidery business on proper projects that I'd be willing to use or gift, not crap that will have to live in a plastic bag for the next ten years.

Anyway here's my hand stitching bag

And here's my achievement for the weekend.

I have got all the strips sewn together for Mia's quilt and now I just have to sew in the big double squares (which is freaking me out, because it involves maths) and it'll be ready to join together and good to quilt. I even have backing for it! I bought this cute flannel sheet set at spotlight for $25 (bargain!) and I'm going to use the flat sheet as backing and then give the lot as a matching set. With luck I might even do an appliqué or something on the pillow case. Or maybe pull the case into 2 and make two tops for it. I've run out of charm squares though... Hmm will have to think about that.

Hope your weekend was equally fullfilling!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday, Friday

So I promised I would sew last night, and did I? No.

But I did go shopping and buy more fabric!! Yay!! No really, I put myself on a ban but a friend asked me to go with her to Spotlight, and once I was there it was impossible to resist! So it's completely not my fault.

I've taken fabulous photos of what I bought, but can't upload them to the computer at the moment so you'll have to wait with patience for that. In a nutshell I have been re-inspired for my sisters quilt. That's right, I'm giving up on Lashings of Positivity (or perhaps giving up on it being for N is a better way to say it because I still plan on quilting it and finishing it up, it's just not right for her).

Today I have had to stay home from work because we have some lovely young men installing solar panels on our roof. Also breaking our roof. One of the guys slipped and put his foot through my ceiling. Don't believe me??? Check it out!

But the point is I have been home all day, very unexpectedly, so I have, not sewn (they're working with electrics!) but cut. And planned. And I have two projects I am flitting between today. The first is Mia's quilt, which I posted about the other day. I have been adding to the layout, I want to get it up to single bed size. I think I need more squares...

And I have started cutting out little blue bricks. I quite like this and if it ends up the way I think it will I know a good home for it to go to. I know several! But I have one in mind. It's the little butterflies that I love most.

Anyway, must get back to it! With a little luck these men will be off soon and I can turn on my machine.

E xx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Too many blogs

I have spent so much time reading blogs, I have not done any sewing!!! I'm am so busy being inspired and trawling through everyones past blog life, that I have no time to make anything of my own.  I'm a little disapointed in myself.

It doesn't help that work at the moment is crazy busy and I've been getting home at 8pm, but I could craft if I wanted to! Well must make this my mission for the next week.

I have lots of ideas that are blossoming away in my head, but I'll just leave it for mow and hopefully get my sew on tonight and show you all kinds of wonderful tomorrow!

Mia's Quilt

So I posted about my WIP's last Wednesday, and I put somethings on there that I haven't really discussed before, so do you want to see what's swimming in my head????

Of course you do!!

Well, when my little next door neighbour was approaching her first birthday I decided I would make her a quilt.  As she is now coming up to her second birthday, I really have to get a wiggle on!  I was inspired by the colours her mum had chosen for her room - so muted and lovely and I wished I could have my room decorated like this!  I borrowed a little doll she had and went on the hunt for coordinating fabrics.

I have the most beautiful bundle of fabric! I really just wanted to keep it for myself.  I can picture a lovely scrappy blanket for my study (which is my little feminine corner of the house).  But I was determined not to be selfish and to persevere and give this away.  But I cannot come up with another pattern.  All I can picture is traditional patchwork. Lots of little squares.  I'd love it! But it's not the right fit for this family.  It needs to be a lot cleaner for this family.  Does anyone have any ideas???
 If not, that's fine, because I think I am abandoning this quilt as being for Mia and just accepting that it belongs with me.  I think I have to make Mia something else.  i may already have an idea brewing for her.
You see, I picked up these cute little charm packs at Spotlight a few weeks ago.  They're so bright and lively and to me they are screaming little girl happiness.

I am wanting to combine two standard square charm packs to give the quilt size, but I thought I might add in some random blocks made out of hexagons and triangles (because I may or may not have bought packs of those too.)
First draft of Mia's New Quilt (excuse the bad camera photo)

But I was playing with these colours again, and now I'm not sure... I go from loving it to hating it.  Oh what to do!!!!

Ooh! Ooh! Does this count towards Think Tank Thursday????? I hope so!! :-)

Friday, 12 October 2012

How to have an awesome day

... Arrive at work to a delivery of fabric.

I have been stalking some blogs over the past few weeks and ended up going on a tangent to some lovely fabric shops, as recommended. And looked what I got! All the pretties....

Nicest way to start a week.

And they're all done up so nicely too!  Pretty ribbons everywhere...

And then I noticed that in my package from Fluffy Sheep Quilting, Cindy had sent me a lovely little note.

Thanks, Cindy.  I think they're beautiful too! And thank you for the exceptionally prompt and efficient service.  This came all the way from Ireland in just a few days.  I had thought it was going to take ages!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

WIP it. Wip it good

My first ever Work In Progress Wednesday.  I am a bit excited!!

(Hopefully this will link to freshly pieced)

In progress
Hexagon's and Charm squares

Red & Black log cabins (haven't touched in about two months! Oops!)

Jacob's Quilt/Bluey (Spoke to the Mummy getting this quilt and she thinks adding the name is a great idea, so this is my next priority)

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Noah's Ark (Am partially through this. Two more clouds to handquilt and then ready to bind! Yippee!!)

Owls  (This is ready to go.  I just don't know what to do with it.  Probably just in the ditch as it's quite busy)

Lashings of Positivity (Backing is purchased now to baste and quilt. I have visions of FMQ all over this, but I'm a bit scared...)

Pink squares (I hate quilting this. It constantly pulls my thread and is a nightmare.)

Pink Minkee (Need to decide whether to add wadding or not???)

Awaiting binding:
Panels for Mia & Finn (Half way through Mia's. Not started Finn's.)

To start:
Mia's Quilt

Dr Suess x 2

Yellow & maroon

Yellow & Gray circles
Green table runner

Ideas in my head that I haven't even got fabric for yet:
Jess's Canada Quilt

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Lashings of Positivity part 2

I started this quilt a couple of weeks ago as a bit of an experiment. (See my post here on what I was doing)

But I never told you what I'm doing with it...

This is going to be my Christmas present to my big Sister!

We had a little moment a cou[le of weeks ago and it really made me want to do soemthing to show her how much I adore her, and I thought, what says I love you, more than handmade snuggly goodness!

She's very modern and stylish so I wanted something that was quite crisp.  Mr A thinks it's a bit dark, but I've bought some yellow polka dot minkee and I'm going to back it with that, and quilt it with yellow thread, so hopefully that will add the colour and pop I want.
Now that it's all together though, I am tending to agree with him, that as positive and beautiful as this quilt its, it might be too dark for her house.  She has just bought an old Queenslander and is renovating it with her partner.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Long weekend of joy

This weekend has been a long weekend here in Queensland. This is the first year we've had a public holiday in October, and I have to say it rocked having the extra day off. How did I use my weekend? I hear you ask. Well I spent one day cleaning, one day eating and one day sewing. So, all round, pretty blimin' fantastic.

As we are here for the quilting joy I'll share my sewing, and leave the thrills of cleaning for another time.

I have been working on a quilt for my big sister. We had a bit of a tiff a couple of weeks back, but we made up, and I wanted to do something that says how much I love her. So I have finished the top of my gorgeous yellow and grey quilt.

I think it's pretty cool. Quite different to what I've done before. I like the colour mix and the use of black, which is not something I've tried before this. I'll tell you it was a bugger trying to line up the squares as I sewed it together. (I should have taken photos, but I was sitting on the floor surrounded by pins so that wasn't going to happen)
A thinks it's cool too, but he reckons it's a boy quilt. I think it's just because it's dark, and linear. He doesn't think N will like it. I'm a bit anxious now that he might be right. It is very dark... Oh well, I have three months before Christmas, so I might come up with something else that suits her better before then.

I also made myself a cute little makeup bag. I've never tried this before, but I need something to hold all my girly rubbish while I'm at the gym. I went and bought myself a second makeup set (just cheap Woolies makeup) so I can keep it at work and always have what I need. If you'd asked on Friday it would probably have been kept in a snap lock bag, but everyone out there in blog land is making bag or cases at the moment and I got inspired. The fabric is from my pile of scraps from my owl quilt. I have to put some buttons/snappy things on them, but otherwise they're good to go. Unless there's a way to make the fabric stronger/vinyl-ly/waterproof?

I have also been continuing with the hand stitching of the baby blankie (Noah's Ark).

I actually really like the way the stitching looks. It makes the clouds all puffy and yummy. I still think the back is boring, but I don't care today :-)

My next mission is to bind Noah's Ark, I have the binding cut into strips now I need to see it into a long piece and attach it, simple! I am tempted to try machining it on... Have never done this, I've always hand bound my quilts, but I saw a blog about using the serpentine stitch to attach the binding, and I think that could possibly work on this one. After all it's for a baby, so he won't notice if it's a bit wonky.

Next project is basting and quilting the owls. Everything is there ready for it, I just haven't gotten to it. I think I want to lay it down on the bak deck to baste and it's too dirty out there so I have to clean first. That means this can obviously wait! Lol

I bought a cute charm pack with a matching pack of hexies, so I started playing with that and would love to finish something off. At the moment it's a medley of triangles, pinwheels, hexagon flowers and I don't even know what else. I do love the righteous colours and I think the random mixing of different types of techniques works a little bit. Or maybe I'm just being too lazy to design something properly...

I also bought a cheating piece of fabric that was basically a patchwork panel and I intended to stitch in the ditch and have that done in a day. After all there was no real work to it. But it has become my nemis. I hate this thing. The thread catches in the back about half way through each seam and then I have to go back and unpick and reset and it takes six passes just to do one row! I hate it! I think it's because I bought fleece as a backing. I thought it would be warm and delightful and it was cheap, so I could justify buying an extra project, but not worth it at all. I'm blaming the fabric but it could be anything. It could be that my needle is dull or the thread is crappy. I don't know, but I'm voting fabric issues.

Oh! And my other project on the go is Bluey. I am thinking I want to do the babies name across the bottom. Add a little interest and texture. Only problem is parents haven't picked a name yet... Baby's due in five weeks so I need to get this done. A reckons just do it as is and add the name later if I want to. I think once I bind it, I'm never touching it again.

So that's FIVE works in progress that I want done over the next few weeks. Oops, I forgot my class quilt as well. I haven't touched that, and don't really intend to for a little while, but technically that's six on the go. And I should show you the pile of fabric ready for the next lot of quilts jelling in my head. I wish I could just stay home and see for the rest of the month!

Hope you all have had a marvellous weekend. Talk soon!