Too many blogs

I have spent so much time reading blogs, I have not done any sewing!!! I'm am so busy being inspired and trawling through everyones past blog life, that I have no time to make anything of my own.  I'm a little disapointed in myself.

It doesn't help that work at the moment is crazy busy and I've been getting home at 8pm, but I could craft if I wanted to! Well must make this my mission for the next week.

I have lots of ideas that are blossoming away in my head, but I'll just leave it for mow and hopefully get my sew on tonight and show you all kinds of wonderful tomorrow!


  1. Hi Erin!
    Thank you for your lovely comments recently over at my blog. I have been replying then just noticed the other day that you are a "no-reply" blogger & haven't been getting my replies. Ooops. Duh.
    Anyway maybe you can email me & we can chat. your underscore gorgeous at hotmail dot com :)

    1. Hi Kat, I didn't realise I was no reply!! How do I fix that?? lol.

  2. I feel the exact same way!!! I hope you get to sew tonight. As far as no reply blogger - I think you go into your settings and then look on the left hand side and stumble around in all the different tabs looking for it. You will find it. Good luck :-)


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