Toby the Turtle

I have been working on making myself a little friend. 

He is all made out of scraps (I made myself two lovely (well, unfinished, so hopefully lovely) skirts out of this material).  This is my first ever use of ric rac and my first ever applique.  It's not real applique, jut his little toes and adding his shell.  But my bad stitching is hidden by the ric rac and I think the toes are a bit cute!!

I still have to attach the ric rac but I'm think i might hot glue gun it just to keep it super simple and then there will be just a happy little turtle sitting on my shelf :-)

Hi Toby!!

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  1. Thanks for your comment over at my blog Erin, I'm glad you liked my advent idea.
    Be sure to send me the link if you end up making one as I'd love to see :)

    And PS this little guy is really cute!

  2. PS do you know how to change yourself from a "no reply" blogger? Because if you don't and want to then I'd be happy to help.
    Otherwise I can't answer the questions you ask me ;)

  3. That is so cute Erin! I was also stopping by to let you know that you were coming up as a no-reply blogger so I wasn't able to respond to your very nice comment!


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