Hexie growth

So I mentioned a little while ago, that I have been working on a long term EPP project - little pink hexies.

These babies have taken me forever, and I was getting quite discouraged. But I had to go on a work trip this past weekend, which meant forced time away from my sewing machine, and I took the opportunity to lug my box of hand piecing with me.

For the first couple of days of my trip, I thought I'd made a mistake, taking up half my suitcase with this project, as I didn't work on it at all, and then a glorious thing happened.  I had an afternoon in front of the telly with my gorgeous nieces, and we sewed.

And by we, I mean *we*.

My eldest niece asked if she could help.  I was a bit nervous, but handed her a pair of hexies and a needle and taught her a simple whip stitch and waited for her to get bored... 4 hours later, she was still going strong! My littlest niece wanted in on the action too, but epp was not her thing.  Instead we pulled the papers out of some pieces, so she could use the squares of fabric and she practiced sewing a straight running stitch, and made her first piece of patchwork.  We turned it into a little pouch for her, and then she was off and making the next little patch, and the next, and the next.

It was so lovely to see them both enjoying sewing, and my big niece, N, said that this was the longest she's sever been off her iPad, so I'm definitely counting that as a win :-)

Not to mention, that all this stitching help meant that I got *heaps* done.  Like I think it's long enough now, and I just need to work on straightening out the edges!! Oh happy days!!!!!

Also, I love looking at this big ball of pink. I know you can't really see what's been achieved by it, but it makes me happy :-)

The girls have requested that I send them down some material so they can keep making themselves.  Of course I will comply, but not sure if they will actually keep going.  I think a part of it was the company.  But I can't complain, that's a big part of why I sew too.  Either way, I'll try to take extra next time I visit, so we can have quality stiching time together.

E xx

P.S.  I have to share one of my favourite photos from the weekend.  We went to the school fete and I fed the girls all the sugar they could handle.  Seriously, we got fairy floss as big as little D's head. <3


  1. Oh, yay! I'm so happy to read this! And all that pink is lovely! My oldest niece has recently started sewing, and it's so much fun to talk to her about it. I sent her a rainbow box of scrap fabric a while back--I hope she's still sewing along! :)

    1. Now that I think about it, of course you love that big pile of pink :-)
      The girls have requested fabric packs and gave me very specific colour choices I'm supposed to provide them. Yellow through orange for the big one (so she can make a "sunshine" hexie quilt) and pink, orange and purple for the little one (in big pieces so she can make "real" things). I have really fond memories of watching my mum sew when I was little and pretending to sew along with her using scraps, so I love the idea that they will absorb some of that too.


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