Return of the mack

Guess who's back! Back again! Erin's back! Tell a friend!! (and yes you should have sung that to yourself as if you were the real Slim Shady.

I know I've been gone forever. And I know I said I was coming back, and then I didn't. But I swear! I mean it this time!!

I'm desperate to be back in my blogging happy place and am all fired up ready to attempt to share things.  Despite the passage of time, I have still not fixed my camera issues (yes that's almost 2 years without a proper camera.. I'm dying a little every day) so you'll be stuck with phone photos, but we're going to make do with what we have and just go with it!!

I've got so much to share!! So much has happened since I was here last!! Well, not in real live terms - I still work at the same place, live in the same hose and still have the same husband (phew!) but I think I've learnt a little bit more about this fabulous hobby we call quilt and I'm *slightly* less dopey than I used to be. I figured out instagram!! And we've had at least 3 elections , so I'm in politics down time (although I am secretly fascinated by the US presidential election - are you guys really going to elect Donald Trump as your president??? I mean I know you had the Terminator as a Governor, but this is an intense move. Not that I'm commenting!! I take it back!!  Quilting is a politics free zone ;-) ). I'm now officially not the President of the Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild anymore - which is both wonderful and super sad - on one hand, more time to sew and no responsibility, on the other, I'll miss getting to put my 2 cents in on everything and I made some quality quilty friends by being on the committee.

But the quilts people!! Think of all the quilts!!! I mean, not actually fully finished quilts, because I'm still me, but lots of new quilt tops and new projects (several of which are in various mid-progress stages...).

So I solemnly swear (that I am up to no good, but also) to post here as often as possible, and to never let a year go by without giving you at least *some* kind of update. Promise!!!

E xx

Spent the weekend in rural Queensland, and snapped this by the lake on my way home - Just in case you've forgotten what I look like ;-)


  1. Replies
    1. Me too, Audrey. Although I've made these promises before ;-)
      E xx

  2. Welcome back! I look forward to seeing what you've been working on!
    And no, we aren't going to vote him into office. (please, please, please)

    1. Thanks Anne. I am already happy being back in this space.
      And fingers crossed for your election. I'm genuinely fascinated but also horrified. although I know that as an Aussie I don't get to have an opinion 😕
      E xx


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