So as you know, I've been slack here for the last year or so (#understatement), but I want to do better and with "doing better" in mind, I thought I'd try to join in with Quilting JET Girl and the 2017 Planning Party.

I may also have stumbled on a couple of other link ups for the new year that I am trying to talk myself into, but let's start with this one and see how we go!! Lol.

2017 Plans & Goals

  • I would like to have at least 3 finishes this year. Now I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but I have a terrible habit of finishing tops and then never going that extra step and actually finishing.  Seeing as I call myself a quilter, it'd be great if I actually had some quilts about the house, you know.
  • Enter a quilt in a show - one where there is potential for judging and prizes and rejection. Because if I have faith in my own abilities, then I need to actually push out of my comfort zone.
  • I want to join another bee/round robin/group of some kind.  I loved being part of the RCRB and now that it's winding up, I want more.  But I have to also remind myself that I have limited sewing time, and so as fun as the round robin was, I didn't get a whole lot of personal/other sewing done... I need to remember my priorities.
  • Possibly, maybe get that WIP/UFO pile corralled into some sort of order.  I know other people have some little tricks to do this, but I'm not quite ready to put a ban on making new things, so I'm going to toddle along with this one and just hope it sorts itself out with my needing to be strict with myself ;-)

  • Monthly.  I know that's not a real goal, and right now, I'm smashing through the posts, but a lot of that is catch up and it will drop off in the New Year.  my proper goal is weekly, but I know I won't always be able to meet that, and I don't want to write just for the sack of writing - I want to be here when there are things to say, iykwim.
  • Join in with 2 3 different link ups on the regular (assuming that there even are link ups anymore... It doesn't seem like they're still a thing, which is a shame, because I like... Although I feel a little hypocritical in saying that, because am I not doing this post as part of a link up? but it's the regulars, you know!!)
  • Be active in all my blogs. Yes, I'm not just a lazy quilter. When I started blogging, back in the long ago, I wanted to keep different thoughts in different places, and when I took my hiatus from this here blog, I took a hiatus everywhere. But I am going to get back in the swing EVERYWHERE!!! :-)

Proper Life Goals
  • 2017 is going to be the year of adventure!! I don't want to say too much yet, becasue I'm not jinxing it, but 2017 should be pretty awesome for life. Or it could all fall through and collapse, but still - hope on the horizon! ha ha.

  • I am currently on a mission to lose about 20kgs.  Now I don't know if this technically counts as a resolution, given I've already started (and in fact started a few months ago), but given how bloody slowly it's coming off, I'm totally putting this in the 2017 pile.  We've got project #skinnyandperfect on the go, but we're after long term change, right... :-/
  • Say yes. Just say yes. Go all in and get things moving.  Seize the opportunities as they come hurtling towards me on life's super highway!

Final thoughts
Hold onto your hats, I'm about to go all D&M on you...
Over the last couple of years, I've really stuck in one place - in pretty much every area of my life - quilting, work, marriage, house renos... You name it, it's been pretty stagnant.  But that's not the person i want to be.  I'm young and wild and free (well, ok, none of those things, but still). I want to be trying new things and getting out of the comfort zone and just living life properly.  So no matter whether any of the things above actually happen, if I can get to the end of 2017 and feel like I've moved forward *at all* it will be a winning year for me.


Have you got any goals?? Or any secret tips to help me keep mine??

E xx


  1. That's a great set of goals Erin! Link ups are still out there! Go out and find them. Look forward to seeing those ribbons on your quilts!

  2. I have had success with my weight loss goal with eliminating fried and fatty foods, limiting pastries and bread and fasting one meal a day when I am not really hungry.

  3. What a great list! It sounds like 2017 will be a super promising year for you, and I wish you luck in your endeavors. You've got this, lady! :)

  4. Link ups are definitely still around! I host Tips and Tutorials Tuesday (which falls on Tuesday oddly enough and will be weekly in 2017), Let's Bee Social from Sew Fresh Quilts is a great one for Wednesdays, Finish it Friday at crazy mom quilts is great on Fridays, Main Crush Monday at Cooking up Quilts, Midweek Makers at Quilt Fabrication, Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles... oy! Sorry I got on a roll. Yup, they are out there waiting on you! :) I think that having a commitment to finishes and not just piling up WIPs is a theme I am really seeing for 2017, so you should find a lot of great community support for that journey. And speaking of journeys, I wish you the best on the rest of your 2017 goals and thank you for linking up with me!

  5. You have some wonderful goals for 2017, very thought out and actionable so I think that you are going to have a great year coming up!

  6. Good goals in different aspects of our life and all achievable. Good luck, you can do it.


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