The first WIP list for 2016

Ok, so it's the last day of December, and while it feels kind of redundant to be doing a 2016 WIP list now, anytime is a good time to work out what WIP's are about and try to coral them in to some kind of order, and I figure I can use this as a jumping off point for the new year... right...

Yes, that is a pile of WIPs... Yes, I am thoroughly ashamed of myself

And, yes, knowing how little I achieve at any time, the following list is insane, but if I put it out there then there is at least a slim possibility l will get at least some of it sorted.I have broken down my projects into what state they are in.

Also, I have zero expectation that you'll actually read this, because it's a list of random things, and seeing as I'm being so good about real posting at the moment, you might actually see these projects in actual posts soon ;-). And hopefully in a more interesting way - like with photos and context.

Here we go!

Random Odd Bods
My Round Robin – I want to make some extra flowers & butterflies & *things* for this project. It's just arrived on my doorstep after spending time with the words loveliest (and most talented) ladies, and now I need to put it all together and turn it into an amazeball of quilty goodness.That said, at  this stage, not stressing out over this. (also there's a post coming, telling you all about it, so just hang tight ;-) )
Harry Potter– I finished this top 2 years ago (literally - it just came up in my facebook memories) but I still need to embroider titles and quilt it. I keep putting it off because I worked so darn hard on it, that I'm worried about ruining it. I just need to take a deep breath and start sewing...

Indigenous hexies- I have the paper pieces, I have the fabric (or at least most of it. Now to start to turn it into something.
Mod Corsage - This is still in the percolating stage of being an idea, but one I'm not sure will work.  I think I know what I want but to do it I have to cut up a whole lot of fabric and if it doesn't work I will have wasted a lot of very expensive (and very nice, and very hard to get) fabric. But if it works, it'll be very cool.

Community Trees- In the final stages of piecing, I think I have like three trees left and then it should just fly together!
Secret Squirrel- Clearly I can't talk about it... ;-)
Phil’s quilt - Blahhhhh. Sitting on my desk, taking up space and making me hate the world. I just need to sew it to get it over with!
Mini Charm Bunnies - Currently a giant pile of sewn together pairs, this needs to turn into 4 patches and then 8 patches and then 16 patches, etc. It's not a hard project but will take time and is *slightly* uninspiring.

Hand sewing
Trish's hexies – Just got to keep sewing. Originally planned as a single bed size, this is going to be a lap quilt. Maybe a small lap quilt tbh. But just. keep. sewing.
Peter Rabbit - Hand quilting this together. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Now that I'm a 1/4 of the way through, I don't know what I was thinking. Possibly going to give up and just machine quilt the rest, to get it down.
Blue feathers - Another that I'm hand-quilting, but I like doing this one. I think because it's going to be effective. No urgency on this, which is good, because it's white which means it super un-portable.
Sprout - A whole new hand pieced project (because I don't have enough of them) that will probably take me forever - my eyes are always bigger than my will power when it comes to these kind of things.

Nicole’s jelly roll - Lurve this quilt.  Lots of negative space, so I think it might be great with a long armed panto.
Penny Patch - This is my second penny patch, and it almost completely matches the first one, so I should make them different and unique... or should I actually make them a pair??
Pink Feathers- Lots of negative space on this, so perhaps it should go to a long armer as well? Or maybe... floating, hand quilted pink feathers just randomly scattered across it?? I like that idea... it'd be a lot of work though...
Grace and Harmony Improv - Definitely worth sending this to a long armer. I mean, it's probably not worth it financially, but I think a nice all over of some kind of chrysanthemum would look quite fetching.
Improv Owls - This was one of my first ever quilt tops, but it's not perfectly square, so I've had it sitting for over 4 years, just waiting for me to make up my mind about what to do with it. I should just baste it, quilt it and have it over and done with already.
Glimma Jelly Roll - was made as a practice quilt for my new machine, so I should use it to practice some quilting. One of these days I have to actually *quilt* you know.

Pink Bubbles - Is now about a year old, and I'm very happy with it so far, but I am about to launch into the big white negative space and it makes me exceedingly nervous.
GiGi’s - I've started FMQing this, but I don't particularly love it. I love the quilt! But I think I'm making a mess of it with the quilting... Maybe I should pull it out and do something a little less literal with it...
The Grinch - I am weighing up whether I want batting in it or not. It's a Christmas quilt, so Summer weight might be fine, and it's probably what I should do, but normally when I skip batting I use something heavier for the back, like flannel or minkee, whereas this will just be backed in cotton...
Green stars- I think this needs to go to a long armer. But maybe that's just because I've listed all the quilt tops I have laying around and know that there is no way I'm finishing all of these by myself.

The Big Pineapple- Spotlight was out of the binding I wanted last weekend, but I'll try again this week. Honestly would be happy to machine bind this, so it'll be done quick, if I can just get the material.

Things to start
Christmas with the Quinns - I attempted to start this, but my thoughts weren't quite jelling, so it's still marinating in my brain. I *think* I know what I want, but almost certainly won't be ready for this Christmas.
Honeycombs - I want to do a exploding cross type thing (yes, totally stealing the idea from Jodie at Tales of Cloth), but I don't know what fabric/colours I want just yet. It'll be a good hand project... because I clearly need more projects!
Shape family challenge - I bought the shape family packs from tales of cloth and I love love love them. I love the opportunity they are. But I haven't worked out what I'm going to do with them yet. ha ha ha.
Cherish block - Another EPP project inspired by tales of cloth. I *think* I want to do it using some of my Tula stash, but I'm not completely sure yet, so it's sitting in the thinking pile too.
Something for Dani - I know I want to make something for my middle niece, but I'm not sure what. & I have a stash of owl fabric that I was going to make into a plus quilt, but maybe that's not the right fit for her... I'll keep pondering it...

While, we're chatting, do you want to see a proper #honestcraftroom?   All those cute shots people put up with their neatly folded piles of projects, or all sorted into stackable tubs.. that's so not my life.  My sewing room is chaos and construction ;-)

Have a fantastic week!!
E xx


  1. I really feel like I need to make one of these lists for myself. I found a lot of projects when we moved that I had forgotten about! You have a fun list, and I am excited to read of your progress and finishes. Good luck!


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