River City Round Robin 5 - Vic's words

The person I would describe as our Robin's fearless leader is the magnificent Vic.  Vic is an incredible sewist and has an amazing ability to work with colour and to create complex designs (and make them seem simple... for her.) She is the quilt maths guru of our little posse and seems to be able to work at lightening speed. She is also one of those people who finds joy in everything and is always smiling and laughing and just bringing the positive energy with her - a fabulous person to be around, in other words.

Vic has two amazing little girls, who, like their mama, are the spirit of enthusiasm and energy.  I love to visit their corner of the world, because it's just a happy, exciting place to be.

Vic asked as all to make words for her daughters. Technique wise, she threw it open and asked for anything we wanted to try, and her only real proviso was to keep it bright.

She started us off with her own word


The girls passed it around and it was added to by Bec - Love, Laura - Shine, and Sandra - Dream

Sandra, actually made a second word - Laugh

And Kathryn added the super cute - Kind (with a little bumble bee, just in case it can be added after quilting)

For my addition, I started by knowing I wanted to do some kind of improv piecing, preferably crumb piecing, because that's Vic's jam.

I grabbed my giant scrap jar and raided the purple (because I have a lot of awesome purple scraps for some reason, and it's also the only fabric I have a batik print in, and Vic and I have had several discussions about her love of batik and my abhorrence of it, so it felt right t include it, lol. Not that I included a lot. It's about a 2x3 scrap, but that's all I can handle).

I attempted to do a normal applique, but it was kicking my butt, so I went with reverse applique instead. I then used my machine to do a blanket stitch around, which worked ok, but I don't love it.

I attempted to make a thread sketch, but that did not work. Like at all. Like so bad that I cut off the edges and put them in my scrap bag and threw the rest in the bin, didn't work.

One of the things that was tricky with Vic's quilt was I actually did it without having the other blocks with me.  Vic was preparing to go on an outback adventure and had hoped to take this with her, so we were trying to get it finished before she left, so this one was a bit different for me.  I am still not quite sure of how mine will fit in with the scale or colour palate of the others, but I did keep with the bright.. although looking at the photos, I might have ended up with whiter backgrounds and everyone else has stuck to the brief with grey :-/ Hmmm. I'll have to look at it in person when I see Vic next.

Anyway, having abandoned my second word, I felt like my tiny 3 letter contribution was a bit on the measly side, so improv pieced a second word in the hope that quantity will make up for quality.

I do feel like my words, joy and play, fit for Vic's family and I hope she can make use of these blocks in her quilt for her daughters.

E xx


  1. Oh my what lovely words you have written about me!! Made me blush!! 🤗 I love your choice of words, however when I put them altogether the gold cross background of joy just didn't quite fit. I really hope you don't mind that I kept the word and your lovely purple crumb piecing (I was surprised to see the batik 😂) and reverse needle turn appliquéd a grey background over the top... The top is all together now but I think I need to add another word or two along the bottom!! Love you x


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