Penny Patch - Didn't we do this already??

So you know I made myself a Penny Patch.  And I love it.  It's a lovely mix of blues and oranges, and low volume (and lots of text prints) that truly makes me happy.  Not to mention, the soft delicious voile backing and the hand stitching that I did at my sisters wedding, that means that this quilt also contains happy memories.

But I originally planned for this to me a big quilt.  And I cut accordingly.  And so having finished a single bed quilt, I still had a box full of perfectly cut up blue, orange and low volume...

So I decided, what the hey! And made myself another Penny Patch.  Penny Patch mark 2, if you will.

I think this one has more of the blues and less oranges - It's a bit more *pop* of colour and definitely has a higher ratio of proper white/low volume.

With this one, I am torn about whether I stick with the simple hand quilting which made me so happy the first time, or whether I push myself out of my comfort zone and go with some FMQ...

Time will tell, I guess. Until then, I'll tuck it in the cupboard with the other tops that I'm too scared to tackle, and hope that I get brave. I'm sure I will someday - I mean it's too pretty not to have out and being used.

But you know what the real kicker is? I still have a box full of perfectly cut up blue, orange and low volume... ;-)

 E xx

Oh, and I found a linky to join!! So, I'm a day behind, but I'll fix that.  I'm connecting with  Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation for Needle and Thread Thursday :-)