Who's got a quilt guild? I do!!


Are you having a fabulous day?? I am!! 

And why is my day fabulous? Well because i spent it with the girls from the Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild!

Have I mentioned the fantabulous BrisMQG? No? I haven't? (I know I haven't...) Well, you are looking at a founding member and the current President of the Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild.  The newsest and coolest of all the MQG's.

As dear friends I will allow you to address me as Ms President.

It initially started with only half a dozen of us, but we're growing every month. We actually ran out of places to put sewing machines at one of our meetings!  We've now been going for almost a year and while it has been challenging, it has been amazing.

If you want to check it out - say for example, if you live somewhere in South East Queensland and want to do some quilting - you should go to the Facebook page and join in with us!! We are fabulous fun :-) Even if I do say so myself!

But this fabulous fun has come at a cost.  I have been neglecting my blog.  I love this little corner of the internet that I call home and I have missed being here.  I have also been very neglectful in reading all my favourite blogs... I just ran out of time.  And then I felt like I needed to read all the posts I missed and I just couldn't catch up :-/

But don't worry.  It's not just you who have been neglected.  It's also my husband and my puppy who are missing out on Erin time.

Don't go quilting Mum - stay home and love me!!!

But I am determined to make more of an effort.  What that means though, is that I am going to do something I promised myself I would not do... I am going to use my phone photos for the blog.  I promised myself that I would always have fabulous high res photos here, but I just don't have the time to load them from my camera to the computer! I know that is the lamest excuse in the history of the world, but hopefully, if I give myself this little leaway now, I can keep up my blog, and maybe one day, when I'm no longer on every committee known to mankind I can resume the pretty photos.

Thanks for being so understanding.

E xx