River City Round Robin 1 - Butterfly starter

I am 99% sure I've mentioned my amazing quilting guild - The Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild.  Well, the absolute best part of the BMQG is the fantabulous ladies I get to hang out with.  I have honestly met some lovely people, and I love having real life quilty friends (not that my internet quilty friends aren't great - I love you both equally).

Well, one day I was mentioning to a fellow BMQGer that I had been watching some online quilty peeps do a round robin, and how I thought that looked super fun.  The next thing I knew, I had a posse and we were on!!

And so for the last year, I have been sewing up a storm with the lovely Laura, vivacious Vic, beautiful Bec, kind Kathryn and stupendous Sandra. 5 amazing ladies, that are incredible sewists and who I only got the chance to know through the MQG.   If you have the chance to join a local group, these ladies alone, should be enough to convince you that it's worth it.

We agreed that we'd each make a starting block and then pass it on randomly (so there's no particular order that the quilts have been worked on) and we'd have each quilt for about a month to work on.  Well the time frame went out the window pretty quick, because, as I said earlier, we're coming up on a year and we're *just* at the stage of each quilt getting back to it's owner, but I thought I might share some of our round robin with you, starting with *my* starter.

I had a really hard time coming up with an idea.  I did about 4 fabric pulls but was left uninspired each time.

I ended up pulling one particular fabric and using the fabric as my inspiration.

Nice blues and a good swath of rich purple pink/burgundy with a low volume feel and some intricate/delicate vibe going. Floral is not normally my thing, so I wasn't necessarily wanting to channel flowers, but I like that slightly busy bustling thing that was going on. 

Because I was crazy, I did a mass fabric pull and sent this whole bundle of fabric along with my starter. (PS while we're on the topic, every time I say "starter" I picture a big yeast ball that's the "starter" for bread making - it's kinda gross)

But look at that big pile of yummy!! Even looking at it now, it feel so light and bright and fresh and inviting.  Good choice, me!

But what to make with it?? After doing the Harry Potter quilt (which I will share in detail at some point, I promise), I fell a little in love with foundation paper piecing.  So I googles around to try to find a nice pattern I could use.  I started with tea cups (because I am known for my love of a good cuppa) and ended up with butterflies.. not sure how connected those are, but the results make me happy.

Three little butterflies.  Each the same pattern, but the different fabrics help make each one unique. I especially love the little black one. Something about him feels moth like, perhaps the gray edges... I don't know, but he's my favourite.

Unfortunately I can't tell you where the pattern is from, because it's not an official pattern.  It's a photocopy someone took from a book somewhere, and the book isn't credited either.  I know that's bad, but I have to say I'm grateful, because otherwise I wouldn't ave these cute little guys.

So that's my starter, and I can't wait to show you what else has been made as part of our #RiverCityRoundRobin

E xx