A Calendar of Quilts

I am a person who experiences the worst FOMO (fear of missing out).  And one of the ways this manifests in is watching all the cool quilty people I follow, through blogs or insta or wherever, who have amazing quilty seasonal decor.  It turns my eyes green with envy watching all the pretty placemats, and wall hangings and table runners come out to mark the special events of the year.  And yet I am not a person who uses placemats, or wall hangings or table runners, so my FOMO exists enough to make me feel envious but not enough to make me want to *decorate* my house for every thing that happens.

And yet, I have been toying with an idea. To have a Calendar of Quilts. A big bundle of quilts which come out specifically for moments throughout the year.  This would mean I'm not *redecorating* I'd just be adding a little something something to our bed or lounge.  Easy rotation!  No *decorating* required (the exception being Christmas, where I love to go all out).

While this idea was brewing, I made myself a little run sheet. A list of all the events in the year that I think might be worthy of being marked by a quilt (or a pillow - just to keep it reasonable).  Some are obvious - Christmas, Valentines, St Patricks.  Some are a little more *unusual* - World Bee Day, International Day of Friendship, Labour Day.

I essentially trawled through the list of of what had a designated "international day" and picked things that spoke to me. Then if I had an idea of what I associated with that theme I made a note.. And now I have a new quilty bucket list:

There are some that I already have - The Irish Chain I made for Ashley for our anniversary last year I can cross off the list as complete for something to use every year on that date. I've got 2 Christmas quilts on the go (close enough to finished to count) so that's easy.  I have my 2 favourites written in there for my birthday and expect that to suffice (for now at least).

The list may change - I might add or remove events (if anyone knows any cool "November" event, let me know because the "International Day of" for November was not enticing) and I might change what quilt design I decide to do. And I might change between quilt or cushion as my whims dictate.  This is just for my own fun.

But I think I am decided.  This is my new plan: to make a Calendar of Quilts. I have no timeframe, just an idea that when I have a gap in the quilting line up one of these might jump at me. And they need to big enough for either a proper couch quilt or the master bed, or enough cushions covers to make them look like they belong.

I wonder 
  a) How long this desire lasts, and
  b) How many quilts I'll actually end up with :-P

If anyone has any great patterns or tutorials that you think would suit any of these days, please put it in the comments, as I am still definitely in the brainstorm phase of this plan.

E xx


  1. Interesting list Erin! Good luck with getting them all done! What about Talk Like a Pirate day, and of course jelly roll day?


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