Friday, Friday

So I promised I would sew last night, and did I? No.

But I did go shopping and buy more fabric!! Yay!! No really, I put myself on a ban but a friend asked me to go with her to Spotlight, and once I was there it was impossible to resist! So it's completely not my fault.

I've taken fabulous photos of what I bought, but can't upload them to the computer at the moment so you'll have to wait with patience for that. In a nutshell I have been re-inspired for my sisters quilt. That's right, I'm giving up on Lashings of Positivity (or perhaps giving up on it being for N is a better way to say it because I still plan on quilting it and finishing it up, it's just not right for her).

Today I have had to stay home from work because we have some lovely young men installing solar panels on our roof. Also breaking our roof. One of the guys slipped and put his foot through my ceiling. Don't believe me??? Check it out!

But the point is I have been home all day, very unexpectedly, so I have, not sewn (they're working with electrics!) but cut. And planned. And I have two projects I am flitting between today. The first is Mia's quilt, which I posted about the other day. I have been adding to the layout, I want to get it up to single bed size. I think I need more squares...

And I have started cutting out little blue bricks. I quite like this and if it ends up the way I think it will I know a good home for it to go to. I know several! But I have one in mind. It's the little butterflies that I love most.

Anyway, must get back to it! With a little luck these men will be off soon and I can turn on my machine.

E xx