Lashings of Positivity part 2

I started this quilt a couple of weeks ago as a bit of an experiment. (See my post here on what I was doing)

But I never told you what I'm doing with it...

This is going to be my Christmas present to my big Sister!

We had a little moment a cou[le of weeks ago and it really made me want to do soemthing to show her how much I adore her, and I thought, what says I love you, more than handmade snuggly goodness!

She's very modern and stylish so I wanted something that was quite crisp.  Mr A thinks it's a bit dark, but I've bought some yellow polka dot minkee and I'm going to back it with that, and quilt it with yellow thread, so hopefully that will add the colour and pop I want.
Now that it's all together though, I am tending to agree with him, that as positive and beautiful as this quilt its, it might be too dark for her house.  She has just bought an old Queenslander and is renovating it with her partner.