Hi there!

I have just linked myself up to Plum and June's getting to know you, linky party!

Still trying to make this picture automatically link to things... It's a learning curve.

So hopefully you are all visiting and wanting to know a little bit about me!

i should have made my blog all pretty before linking up, but I hope you'll forgive the randomness and clutter as I try to work out this whole "blog" business.

Anyway..... My name's Erin and I have been quilting since January.  I am definitely still a learner and have spent hours and hours trawling the interwebs lately learning all kinds of new and exciting and slightly daunting and scary things.  I am excited to try some new things and am hoping to stretch myself a little.

I decided to blog, because I was getting so much joy from other peoples blogs that I wanted in on the fun! And also because I am the only person I know who quilts so it's nice to have a place to have a think fest about what's going on in my head.

I don't know about you, but since I started quilting it has taken over my head.  Everywhere I go now I see patterns and colours and spend my time staring at things, thinking about how to replicate that in fabric... And I can't go into Spotlight without spending  at least $100 on more fabric.  For someone who didn't even own a machine 12 months ago, I sure do have a lot of fabric!!

Anyway, I received advice that I have to learn not to ramble on these blog posts, so I'll be off, and I hope you are enjoying your meander through P&J's Getting Acquainted Link Up.


  1. Good luck and you aren't the only one who has a bunch of quilty things going on in her head:)

  2. Nice to meet you Erin! I totally understand what you mean - last year at this time, I had about 3 yards of fabric - well, I'm not sure exactly how much I have now but at least 5 times that!

  3. Thanks for your tips that you posted on my "Halloween Debacle". I love the idea of ric rac and I think I may do that. Put a nice sized strip between the two houses and then sew the ric rac in rows down them. Excellent idea:) I couldn't e-mail you personally because your about me page didn't have your e-mail address, but great ideas. Thanks again!

  4. Impressive - only been sewing a year and you have already built up a stash! I see quilt patterns all the time (I thought it was just me)

  5. Dropped by from P&J's link up - good to meet you and don't worry you quickly get the hang of this blogging thing and it's sooooo addictive :)

  6. Hi ladies, thanks for visiting. I have spent the weekend stalking your blogs, and you're all amazingly talented.

  7. I know, I know...I'm addicted to fabrics and quilting too.

    Outwardly I appear to be functioning normally but inside I'm thinking of colours and patterns, blocks and threads.

    There is no cure I suspect.


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