Mia's Quilt

So I posted about my WIP's last Wednesday, and I put somethings on there that I haven't really discussed before, so do you want to see what's swimming in my head????

Of course you do!!

Well, when my little next door neighbour was approaching her first birthday I decided I would make her a quilt.  As she is now coming up to her second birthday, I really have to get a wiggle on!  I was inspired by the colours her mum had chosen for her room - so muted and lovely and I wished I could have my room decorated like this!  I borrowed a little doll she had and went on the hunt for coordinating fabrics.

I have the most beautiful bundle of fabric! I really just wanted to keep it for myself.  I can picture a lovely scrappy blanket for my study (which is my little feminine corner of the house).  But I was determined not to be selfish and to persevere and give this away.  But I cannot come up with another pattern.  All I can picture is traditional patchwork. Lots of little squares.  I'd love it! But it's not the right fit for this family.  It needs to be a lot cleaner for this family.  Does anyone have any ideas???
 If not, that's fine, because I think I am abandoning this quilt as being for Mia and just accepting that it belongs with me.  I think I have to make Mia something else.  i may already have an idea brewing for her.
You see, I picked up these cute little charm packs at Spotlight a few weeks ago.  They're so bright and lively and to me they are screaming little girl happiness.

I am wanting to combine two standard square charm packs to give the quilt size, but I thought I might add in some random blocks made out of hexagons and triangles (because I may or may not have bought packs of those too.)
First draft of Mia's New Quilt (excuse the bad camera photo)

But I was playing with these colours again, and now I'm not sure... I go from loving it to hating it.  Oh what to do!!!!

Ooh! Ooh! Does this count towards Think Tank Thursday????? I hope so!! :-)


  1. well i'm loving it! i have the same problem, i get into a project and then get to a love/hate stage that makes it hard to finish. then it's time to start something NEW! haha. which is what i'm doing RIGHT NOW!

    1. I'm glad I''m not the only one!
      I'm heading to yours to see what is your latest distraction :-)


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