This weekends sewing goodness

Felt so productive this weekend. I actually got some sewing done! Makes me feel so happy.

I have to have an operation next week and the spend a week on bed rest, so I want some quilts to be up to the hand stitching stage before next Friday. This week is mission quilt. I want all the basting AND quilting done on 2 quilts by the end of next weekend so the week after I can lie in bed with the tv on hand bind.

If that doesn't happen in time though I did sneak off to Spotlight and but some little embroidery kits.

I know I've bitten off more than I can chew with the big one, so I went back and bought some simple cross stitches. With a little luck this will help my hand sewing become more proficient and discrete on quilts and clothes and neater and more lovely so I can do this fancy embroidery business on proper projects that I'd be willing to use or gift, not crap that will have to live in a plastic bag for the next ten years.

Anyway here's my hand stitching bag

And here's my achievement for the weekend.

I have got all the strips sewn together for Mia's quilt and now I just have to sew in the big double squares (which is freaking me out, because it involves maths) and it'll be ready to join together and good to quilt. I even have backing for it! I bought this cute flannel sheet set at spotlight for $25 (bargain!) and I'm going to use the flat sheet as backing and then give the lot as a matching set. With luck I might even do an appliqué or something on the pillow case. Or maybe pull the case into 2 and make two tops for it. I've run out of charm squares though... Hmm will have to think about that.

Hope your weekend was equally fullfilling!


  1. Hi Erin. Hope the op goes well. You have set yourself quite a task with all the quilting and cross stitch!

    1. Obviously too big a task, as no real quilting got done. I have attacked the cross stitch though and it's comin along, even if I do say so myself! I love your blog, by the way. It's so beautiful and you have such fantastic projects.


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