2018 - The planning stages

So as usual I have missed joining in with all the cool linkies that exist for just this purpose - it's because I'm always about 2 weeks behind everyone else!! I try to keep up, I really do, but I'm choosing to embrace it, and just make my list anyway.

I've got a full WIP list, which I showed you a few months ago, and a few things have moved since then.  I've had a couple of finishes, and a couple of new starts (most of which haven't gone on the blog yet, because, well, it's me!)

Here's my list as at *right now*

Quilted and ready to bind

Mini Bunnies

Basted and ready to quilt
Blue Feathers (hand quilting started)
Peter Rabbit (hand quilting started)
*Pink Bubbles (machine quilting started)
*Littlest Ball
*Littlest Bryne
Penny Christmas (hand quilting started)
Grace & Harmony (Blue)
Glimma Jelly Roll

Backing purchased, need to baste
*Irish Fields
*BFG Quilt
Green Stars
Improv Owls
Penny Patch 2
Pink Feathers
Scrappy on Point Triangles
Maple Leaves
*Sprout/Jellybean (need to add 3 more rows)

Fully assembled but need to find backing
*Harry Potter
Green Crosses

In Progress (fabric cut/partially assembled)
*SLW Improv Spikes
Improv Blocks (green & cream)
*Pink, grey, yellow & purple improv
*Round Robin
*Round Robin 2
*Mod Corsage
*Phil's 30th
Indigenous Hexies
Orange Blossoms
*Penny Sampler

36 WIPs in total.

I went on a spending spree (thanks to a little cash tucked in my Christmas stocking) yesterday and bought 12 backings, so my plan is to baste them all up so I'll have a stack ready for quilting.  It's at the backing/basting stage that everything starts to bottleneck, but I am actively trying to work on that.  If I have a basting orgy over the weekend, then I just need to put my head down and pretend I know how to quilt.

Anything that has a * is a priority.  Either because it has a home to go to which means I want it done and out, or because I really love it and want to work on it first. There are 4 in the bottom section that I am not in love with, and have greyed out, but I haven't crossed them out completely, because I am not quite ready to write them off.

And then, of course there is the wishlist.  The things that I know I want to make, but they haven't been cut into yet, so they aren't included on the official list (because until fabric is *cut* it doesn't count).

Pixie Medallion
Forest Friends
Yellow and navy bundle
pink and navy bundle

The above are those cute little fabric stacks and patterns that I've pulled but haven't quite gotten to start yet.  Some of them have been on there for a while, some are newer additions. 2 of them are EPP, so they are just waiting until my current hand sewing project is finished before I start another: see I'm trying to make rules for myself!!

The actual goal list for quarter 1 of 2018 is:

  1. Bind Swoon
  2. Baste, quilt and bind Irish Fields
  3. Baste, quilt and bind Linen
  4. Baste, quilt and bind the BFG quilt
  5. Quilt and bind Pink Bubbles
  6.  &   7.    Quilt and bind Rainclouds 1 & 2 (littlest Bryne and Ball respectively)
And my priority WIPS I'd like to work on (but don't expect to *finish*) are:
  1. Round Robin 1
  2. Round Robin 2
  3. SLW Improv Spikes
And because no post is complete without him, here's Henry - snuggled up with my first ever quilt, and my Penny Patch. 

Happy 2018, and may the bobbin be ever in your favour ;-)

E xx

**Edited to add - I didn't miss it all!! The first quarter for the 2018 FAL has just opened, so I'm linking up 
 My Q1 list is:
Bind Swoon 
Baste, quilt and bind Irish Fields
Baste, quilt and bind Linen
Baste, quilt and bind the BFG quilt
Quilt and bind Pink Bubbles
Quilt and bind Rainclouds 1 & 2 (littlest Bryne and Ball respectively)


  1. Yes you totally need to have a binding orgy (LOL for real.) So many great projects and so glad you didn't miss out on the linky! I know you can finish up a lot of these this quarter. Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2018 global Finish-A-Long hosts!

  2. Hi, Erin - First of all, I saw your Round Robin starter, which is very pretty, and I also adore those butterflies (such nice fabric choices) on the banner pic of your home page. You have some great projects here. And boy, can I relate to missing the days for link-ups! ha! That is me All The Time. :) I don't know if you know about the 18 in 2018 link-up at What a Hoot Quilts - the nice thing is that it's always open for linking, so we can join in and/or share a post when we get something accomplished instead of trying to remember to go back and share it when the link is open.


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