Round Robin 2 - Starter

Well, we have officially start Round 2 of our Round Robin by passing our starter onto someone else.  We've each spent at least a month now stressing ourselves out about what to make and turning ourselves inside out over it.  I know I had at least 4 different plans and almost made several of them, but hopefully I'll make them myself in the future - or save them for round 3 :-D  But now they are off and ready to be turned into something magical! I can't wait!!!

In the end, my starter is not the most exciting thing ever (I'm giving warning right up front).  But it does have some of my favourite things in it:
  • Purple *yummy, rich purples
  • Low volume
  • a Dresden plate
  • hand stitching
Now I don't expect any of my fellow robin mates to add any hand stitching (unless they desperately want to of course) but it's part of what I hope to do at the end when I get it back.  So I'm happy for there to be space for hand embellishment.

It's quite neutral in some ways, and I plan to have it live in my living room, which is a fairly neutral space, and is what decided the colour scheme.  (yes, my house is very boring and as close to minimal as my husband can get away with.  I add knickknacks and photo frames and he puts them away so this is our middle ground - a thousand pillows but they're all boring lol)

Looking at it now, I probably should have gone with creams instead of whites, but it's low volume so there's not really any rules - Go nuts ladies!

And even though I've said it's for this room, and *I* picked purple, if you want to add more colour, then go for it. I'm totally open to anything.

I've said that I want this to end up busy but not chaotic (hopefully that makes sense).  Vintage but not granny.

I have 2 examples of what I am hoping for (vibe wise):

This is an actual round robin quilt (#wanderingquilt #wanderingquiltkitsch) but I have only found it on instagram, so I can't give the exact makers, but I love the way it includes statement blocks with filler blocks and yet still has some negative space (primarily in those big blocks as background).  I love the jigsaw puzzle feeling of it.

This is Sunshine through the Rain by Elven Garden Quilts.  And this is the calm vibe I want with a scrappy, but quiet feeling.  It's not a collaborative quilt, so it doesn't have that jigsaw aspect, but hopefully the girls can create something that is a combination of these two using my starter.

I should also note, that I do not in any way need my starter to be the central exciting element.  If they build off in weird and wonderful ways, and my little Dresden ends up in the bottom corner, I am completely 100% fine with that.

And now that I've found these 2 pictures, I actually found a pattern that's kind of what I think in my head it could end up like - the anthologie quilt designed by Southern Charm Quilts and being run as a quilt-a-long under the insta tag #barijquiltalong. How gorgeous is that!!!!

So into the breech!!!  Wish us all luck.  I have already seen some of the other starters and I can tell you now, I'm in over my head, so will definitely need all the help from the universe I can get :-)

E xx


  1. Ooh, this is rather exciting! I look forward to seeing how this progresses! Lovely!


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