Ok. Not actually.

I'm actually going on a quilt retreat! Much more fun than escaping scary monsters, or whatever that muppet is doing up there.

This weekend, I'm heading bush with my mates from the BrisMQG and planning to sew up a storm!  Three days of uninterrupted sewing... uninterrupted except for the breaks for wine, and cheese, and cakes.  We know how to party ;-) But the trick with retreat is always, what to bring.  Here's what I'm packing:
  • My Swoon.  I put this on the list for FAL and for the Big Bed QAL. All it needs is binding.  Easy peezy lemon squeezy! (Just need to buy the binding and I'm all set.. should probably do that tonight...)
  • My Anthologie quilt.  The last "block" pattern came out this week, and I feel confident in jigsawing it together, so I'm taking the whole kit and caboodle with me in the hopes that I might have a top before the weekend is out.
  • Improv Mod Corsage.  I haven't really talked about this one at all, because it's still in pieces that don't look like anything, but I started it about a year ago, and want to make my own version of Anna Maria Horner's Mod Corsage.  Now I'm planning to do a class with her when she comes to Oz later this year, so this is a maybe project. Low on the priority list, because I'm sure I'll want to work on it later in 2018.
  • River City Round Robin, round 2.  I have my next round for the RCRR and am working on it, so hopefully my contribution can be whipped up over the weekend.
  • Pink and yellow medallion.  I'm working on it as the spirit leads me. Maybe it'll get worked on, maybe not, but I have to bring it in the hope that maybe ;-)
  • Pixie Medallion. I have a kit ready to go, but I have yet to start cutting.
  • BFG quilt - needs quilting
  • Pink Bubbles - needs quilting
  • Raincloud 2 - needs quilting
  • Not-a-jelly-roll-race - needs quilting
I have 2 more things on my FAL list, that I should take with me, but I think that list is probably enough.  I mean I will need to sleep at least *some* of the time.

I have these great Sistema boxes that I get from Woolies, that are perfect for holding all the things needed for a full size quilt.  I put whatever my fabric pull is, which for some quilts can be quite extensive, and then stack 'em.  Because they're see through I can easily assess what is inside and grab whatever I'm in the mood for.  It gives me a semblance of organisation.  What do you do to sort your WIPs? Particularly when they're big/bulky or you need to travel with them?

And now I'm off. Ready to sew the days away :-)

E xx