FAL Q3 2018

Another quarter has come and gone, and I achieved.... NOTHING. Not a single thing on my list.  I felt like I was sewing away, and I actually started and FINISHED *TWO* quilts this quarter, but neither were even twinkles in my eye at the start of the quarter so they don't count.

My original Q2 list was:

  1. Baste, quilt and bind Anthologie Quilt
  2. Baste, quilt and bind Irish Fields
  3. Baste, quilt and bind Linen
  4. Quilt and bind the BFG quilt
  5. Quilt and bind Not-A-Jell-Roll-Race
  6. Quilt and bind Pink Bubbles
  7. Quilt and bind Rainclouds 2 (littlest Ball )
I also want to have some progress with my Round Robin 1 & Round Robin 2, and my pink and yellow medallion.

I did none of it!!  I happily sewed away and felt like I was moving forward but it turns out I wasn't!  I was off in my own little dream world. Oi vey!

Do I dare even create a list for Q3?? Of course I will!! Why let failure stop you!!

So for Q3 the plan is:
  1. Piece the top of my Round Robin 1
  2. Finish hand quilting and bind Anthologie Quilt
  3. Baste, quilt and bind Irish Fields
  4. Baste, quilt and bind Linen
  5. Quilt and bind the BFG quilt
  6. Quilt and bind Not-A-Jell-Roll-Race
  7. Quilt and bind Pink Bubbles
  8. Quilt and bind Rainclouds 2 (littlest Ball )
  9. Piece, baste and quilt Bees
My slow burn projects for the quarter are that I want to:
  1. Finish designing the AMH Plot Twist and have all pieces basted to background
  2. Kingfisher - baste shapes and stitch flowers
  3. Add to the pink and yellow medallion
  4. Finish Bec & Deb's rounds for the Round Robin 2 and potentially start adding to my own top as well.
I've added 2 new projects to the list *and* 2 new projects to the slow burn list, so I clearly haven't learnt my lesson, but the new things are things I really *want* to work on so they actually stand a chance of being done, lol.

Wish me luck!

E xx


  1. I think it's awesome that you started and finished two quilts last quarter, even if they weren't on your list! You have some really beautiful projects on your list this quarter and hopefully adding a few that excite you will be successful. :)

  2. Although you might not have finished what you intended for Q2, you were sewing and creative - isn't that what really matters? But, onto Q3...you have lovely projects that I hope that you are making progress on. What did you work on first? On behalf of the FAL crew, thank you for joining in and good luck!


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