RCRRv2 - Vic's Quilt

Vic is a returning member from round 1 of the round robin and she has asked for something that is making my heart very happy.  A cream/neutral quilt with garden elements.

You might remember Arboretum, a quilt I made as part of the Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild.  Well ever since it was finished, Vic and I have begged the guild to let us buy it (proceeds to go to the community quilting kitty) and have good naturedly argued about who would get it keep it forever.  This is her answer to that - make her own.

She started with this incredible Boab tree

Everything about that makes my heart go yum.

It has gone through the hands of the very talented Kim, Deb and Kathryn before it landed on my doorstep, and by the time it got to me it had grown amazingly.  As with all the round robin quilts, once I pulled it out of it's box I sat and looked at it and got stuck.  I pulled out my notebook and started brainstorming: birds, trees, bugs... what could I add that would *add* to this top.

I won't make you go through the whole rigmarole the way I did with Kim's. Suffice to say that I decided mushrooms would be my contribution.

BTW. Do you wanna hear a joke (it's my only joke, so get ready)

A mushroom walks into a bar, and he says to the bartender "I'll have a beer thanks mate" and the bar tender looks him up and down and says "nah, we don't serve your type in here" and the mushroom says "why not??? I'm a fun guy!!" 

ha ha ha ha ha ha... Oh, that makes me happy. Because he's a *fun-guy*.. I make my own fun.

So mushrooms!!  It turns out there aren't a lot of mushroom patterns out there, and those that are out there are a little.. blocky.  I like details!!!  So I attempted to draw up my own mushroom pattern.  Oh, and you remember my vow to do no more paper piecing on these quilts... yeah, that's gone lol

This is my first ever attempt at making a pattern. Oi, are there some things I learnt! (also, please ignore the work documents spread across my desk - I did this in my lunch break so I could take advantage of the office photocopiers).

I learnt some good lessons - like include seam allowances and draw the full size block (unlike the mushrooms on the bottom left, where the base/stem is only a portion of the size... that came to haunt me). I also have to acknowledge that the reason why all the other mushrooms out on the interwebs are blocky is because trying to make these more rounded was a nightmare of tiny piecing that you can't necessarily see in the completed block.

Nevertheless, I persisted and I'm very happy with the outcome.

A little cluster of mushrooms ready to be added to the quilt.  I will confess at this point that I originally had grand plans to make lots of mushrooms and fill the whole bottom with them, but that just wasn't going to happen.  Instead I made a couple of clusters and just floated them across the bottom.

I don't know that it looks that impressive, but it took *forever* and there was just no way I was making more mushrooms. Also, I promised I ironed this top and it looked lovely, but then I folded it up until I had the chance to take photos and then the sun was out and I had someone to hold it and i just grabbed the opportunity, and now have wrinkley photos to show for it :-/  Consider the lesson learnt for next time.

This has one more stop before it's finished! And mine is due to come back after that... So much excitement!!  I love our Round Robin.  Is it wrong that I'm almost ready for another round?? lol

E xx