Accidental purchases..

I should not be left alone with a computer and a credit card.

I have had my eye on a couple of quilt books for ages, but have put off purchasing them because I don't really *need* them, and I don't really have the space for them, and will I even make anything out of them anyway... But today I was looking at some of the summaries of the recent UK Festival of Quilts and the 1718 quilt on display.  It is an interesting quilt and it has some things which appeal to me (it has somethings which don't but no one has to like *everything*) and it looks like perhaps there was some kind of challenge to recreate it... I started following links and I fell down a rabbit hole and before I knew it the book of patterns to make a 1718 was in my cart.

And if I'm going to shop, I'm going to really shop.  So I added Vintage Quilt Revival and the Quilt Block Cookbook which I have been lusting after forever. And I also slipped in Wabi-Sabi Sewing by Karen Lewis who's aesthetic I just love and hope to bring into more of my life. And I've only heard good thing (fabulous things in fact) about Flossie Teacakes Guide to EPP and I want to really amp up my EPP game so it snuck in too and hopefully will really assist with that.

And I hit the button that charged my account and got my confirmation email, and then remembered that it's off pay week and now I can't eat :-P lol. No I can, but this was an impulse purchase and a half.  Hopefully these books all live up to my expectations. i'll be sure to share.

Have you got any must read's that I should have added? I should start to create a Christmas wishlist for the things I'm really missing and make Grumpy get them for me.

E xx