Santa sacks - round two

Do you remember last year I made Santa sacks for my husband and brother-in-law? I made one for my sister too, but it was a plain panel so I didn't bother to blog about it. It was the awesome patchwork and quilting that I did for the boys that I was so proud of and had to share.

Well you may have noticed that in list of home made Santa sacks that my name isn't there.  I didn't get time to make one for myself. *sad face  I ended up using a boring old pillow case.  No Christmas joy there at all.

So seeing as Christmas is right here already, and I had all my Christmas fabric spread out and ready to go, and I am determined that I am not going to be using a pillow case this year...  I thought I'd get started on my Santa sack.


But then my (gorgeous) little terror popped his head into my sewing room.

As you know I have a big bookcase filled (in fact, slightly overflowing) with fabric. It is all sorted and folded (and I ordered my comic book boards, so stay tuned for when it's actually properly organised!! Eeek!!!). Now this bookcase is open faced - I don't know if this is a good or bad thing for the fabric itself, but I haven't been worried about it so far.

Can you see where this story is going??

I came downstairs to discover that my Henry has a love of fabric that is almost as great as my own...

Yes. He found my fabric.  And it's not the scrapp that was on the floor.  He pulled this off the shelf. Insert Grumpy face.

So far he has chewed through 2 Fat Flats (cheaper fat quarters, for you foreigners ;-) ) from my Christmas fabric pile.  They were the pretty silvery ones too!! And he has hit a couple of plain fatquarters as well.  At least he hasn't hit the designer stuff, but it's only a matter of time.

And as you can see, he makes a mess of the fabric.

But this is a sewing story, so let's get to the good part.  What do you do with fabric that has been partially chewed up by a dog??  If you answered "strangle the dog with it", I'd be tempted to agree, but I resisted.  Being the practical little quilter that I am, I decided I would cut around the chewed edges, wherever they were, and salvage what's left. Being the slightly grossed out germ-o-phobe that i am, I didn't want to make something for anybody (including myself) with fabric that had been in my dogs mouth. Being the crazy dog lady that I am, I decided Henry needed his own Santa sack for his Christmas presents.  Call it Serendipity!

I had some of the batting left over from last year, so I chopped and sewed and before I knew it I had a little panel all ready to go!

I kept the colours very simple. To be honest, I was going to stick with just the green and white, but I felt it needed a bit of depth, so threw in some black I had on my stash.
They didn't have an "R" left at the shop, but it still works!
But my sisters puppy will be with us on Christmas too, so I couldn't neglect her!! I checked that Santa would be coming for Lucy first, and then I grabbed all the scraps and whipped up a matching panel for her.
Again, being resourceful, I have leftovers of the backing I used for the boys last year, so that's come out too.

With some iron on letters so we know who's is who's, and some simple green binding, we have two super cute little Santa Sacks. Perfect for the puppies in my life (and the perfect way to use a couple of puppy-attacked fat quarters).

E xx

Seeing as I made these this week, I'm going to link up with Kelly.  She is offering a reward for those of us that can get something handmade  sorted out this week. While not exactly a gift, these are gift related, so I'm going to try to sneak them in. We'll see if I get busted for pushing the rules ;-). E x


  1. What a joy to read Erin!! so funny had me giggling the whole way through!!. I have just gotten 2 puppies and I have to say I am slightly worried for my fabric. Hence they are not allowed in my sewing room. Lucky it was just a fat flat!! hehe

    1. :-) Thanks, Kelly. I think I may need to invest in doors for my cupboard. Right now my solution is to prop a cardboard cutting mat in front of it and hope that the dog doesn't figure it out.
      E xx

  2. Oh wow, my dog has never tried eating my fabric, thank goodness!! I hope the fabric uhh... works itself out "in the end" if you know what I mean. I imagine that will be a colorful day or two.
    ANYWAY. I love your resourcefulness! And what a cute idea, too. :)

    1. Ahh!! I did not want that mental picture!! lol. I did not check if the fabric "worked its way out" but he's happy and healthy so I'm not planning on doing so ;-D
      Thanks, Anne.
      E xx

  3. Hee hee! I must say my pooch hasnt attempted eating any of my fabrics yet... However he does love to walk over quilts laid out for basting and *shock* he loves to stop drop and roll on my newlylaid out pieces (aka BEFORE I sew them together!!!)
    Hope santa dog delivered to your pooches!

    1. Ha ha ha!! Henry doesn't do this, because I can't leave the fabric on the floor... So I don't have anywhere to actually lay out my fabric... Good excuse for a design wall I say!!
      And Santa was very generous to the puppies. They have enough stuffed toys to last them for the year.
      E xx


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