Beginning a new quilt

I went to class on Saturday at Sewco Patchwork & Quilting Mount Gravatt with the lovely Miss Donna. I got to buy a tonne of new fabric (OMG how expensive is this hobby! I love it, but I am hiding the receipt from A). And I am now learning how to do log cabins. You see them in all the quiltings magazines but no one explains how to do them. I guess they're so fundamental, noone bothers, because everyone assumes only idiots don't know how to do a log cabin. I think this is a technique that will help me realise some of the inspirations I've been seeing out here on the interwebs.

So my new quilts is a delicious mix of reds and greys, and because I love the process almost, if not as much, as the final product, here are some photos of my gorgeous fabrics and cunning cabins (almost).


An when it'all finished it should hopefully look like this...