Kit quilts

I have been refusing to buy quilt kits. I don't completely know why.  Maybe it's because the best part of a quilt is picking beautiful fabrics and a kit does that for you.  Maybe it's because I feel like I'm cheating if I do it.  Maybe it's because you're immediately limited in the size of the quilt simply because that's all the fabric you have... maybe I should just buy two kits at time so I can double the size if I want to... hmmmmm.

Any way, I have given in and bought a couple of kits.  The impetus for the surrender to "the kit" is that it is a minky set. So it's half a dozen minky fabrics all cut and ready to go. It'll be so yummy and warm and snuggly, I just couldn't resist. And I would never have bought the fabrics individually to make this off my own bat.  So I can justify it to myself that it's not really giving in or giving up. It's just experimenting with a patchwork of minky, which I would be too scared to do if I'd bought big swathes of fabric myself. So it's still part of my learning, etc, etc.

So I bought 2.

I bought a little pink one, which I have cut and laid out and started sewing together.  It is only going to be cot sized.  Offically titled "A cuddle blanket".  It just seemed the thing for a little girl.

And I bought a big black and white one, which is waiting for me to finish the first one, before I get into it.  Too much fabric rolling around my living room already, without me starting another lot of cutting, etc.

With a little bit of luck and a lot of diligent sewing, I will finish these off and give them to my wonderful neighbours as a Christmas present. Big one for A & B and little one for Miss M.  Either that or I'll keep them for myself.  I seem to have this argument with myself everytime I make a quilt.  I want to give them away and be generous and loving and I can picture people, particularly the little people, snuggled up and happy under their new blankets, but I also just want to keep them!  So as loving and generous as I am, it's a real wrench when I have to part with one of my babies.  Maybe I need to visit the one I've given away and see it being loved and then I'll feel better about it...