5 things to love today

The lovely Kat on Diary of a Flutter Kat made a post challenging us to think of 5 things we are thankful for, so on a completely un-quilt-related post, here goes...

1 - I am thankful for my lovely husband.  A man who is so good at being the grown up in my life: looking after me and leading our little family and providing for the two of us. A man who is the biggest little kid around who makes up the silliest of catchphrases and needs to be tucked in at night (he might not forgive me for sharing that).  He is both strong and snuggly. He is the person who lifts me up when I feel sad or scared, and catches me if I tumble. He puts up with my whinging but doesn't take my $&!%. I am so lucky to have him. And to have him home with me.  He has been doing a lot of travel and to get to spend time with him is my greatest joy. 

My Grumpy will always top my list of blessings.

2 - I am thankful for my health.  After a few months of stress relating to my health, I am so very grateful to know that I am heatlhy.  While I still need to lose weight to be counted as fit, and to be in a state ready for the rigours of IVF, I am on the path to do that, and I don't have this big scary awful hanging over my head.  That being said, I am also grateful to the Dr who was diligent enough to find the lump. I am grateful for the technology available to test it. I am blessed to have had access to hygienic facilities, so I know all the testing was done safely. I am grateful for the kind nurse who held my hand as I cried in fear. I am grateful for the speed with which the results were gotten to me. I am not so happy with the size of the bill, but I am grateful that I live in a world where where is my biggest problem.

3 - I am thankful for my great big sister.  Now as anyone who has know me for any length of time can tell you, my sister and I have not always gotten on.  At about this time last year, I left my job and was looking for something new.  N suggested I apply at her office.  I need hardly say I was cautious.  We have been the bitterest of foes over the years.  However I applied, got the job, and now get to go to work everyday at a place that I love and my big sister has turned into one of my closest friends.  I feel so lucky to have her around and the more I know her the more blessed I feel to have her in my life. She really is a wonderful person.  I wish I had known this about her sooner.

4 - I am thankful for the beautiful sunshine.  It has been the most magnificent couple of days here in Brissy.  The sun is shining.  Birds are singing.  It is warm and the air smells clean.  It is a delight to be alive in this weather.
I sat out in the sunshine over the weekend to eat my breakfast and it was such a pleasure.  I'm a little disappointed to have to be inside all day today, but there is a little hint of a plan to go walking in my lunch break :-). If I do, I'll try to take a photo or two to make you really jealous!

5 - I am thankful for this hot cup of tea.  Now I know this might sound silly and trivial. But honestly, is there anything as nice as a good cuppa??? I'll admit it would be better if it were in my fancy fabulous cup, but it's sweet and hot and delicious, so I won't complain. I will remember that there are people ll over the world who would beg for a little fresh water, a drop of milk and who have never experienced the joy that is sugar!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing these with us Erin. What a great list :)
    Love especially that your sister have gone from foes to close friends and that your health is on the way forward.

    1. Thanks for the inspiration! I would never have made my list wihtout you. I have been reading your blog and am in awe of your a) fabulous quilting b) attempts at organic whole foods and c) the grace with which you are going through your challenges.


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