More fabric purchases

So another epic trip through Spotlight. I went to buy some baking fabric. I knew exactly what I wanted. It was supposed to be simple and on the cheap side. That plan lasted all the way until I got to the fabric... :-(

I have just bought enough fabric to make about 6 quilts. And I bought. 6 metres of wadding. And I got a couple of charm packs. And I bought a pack of hexagons.

I'm an addict. I need help. I need to not be allowed in shops without supervision.

And now that the recrimination is over, wanna see what I got????

First, I got a couple of metres of blue minky. This will back my owl quilt. Yes I know I bought baking for this quilt last week, but it was not the right colour, so I'll save that and use it for something else.

A friend has asked me to make a little baby play mat type blanket, do I bought a premade panel and am just going to throw it together. As she described her need as something to have picnics on, I am not going to go crazy with wasting fabrics I love or time I could be spending on a more awesome project. My only concession to it being an interesting blankie, is that I am thinking of appliqué ing the baby's name on the back. Not definite, but I like the idea and it would be a good blanket to practice on. We'll see how we go.

I bought this cool cat in the hat fabric. So I am gong to make 2 quilts based around this panel. Why two? Because I wanted to do a nice classy one because this panel is actually really lovely. But most kids would prefer something with a bit more chaos. So I'm just going to do both!

And I grabbed this fabulous checked fabric which I knew I wanted after seeing it last week. It was only $8 a metre so it was a bargain. And I got some coordinating fabrics...

All in all, a good haul. But not part of the plan. And now I'm excited by my new stuff, I want to put all the ones I'm half way through aside so I can play. Must practice discipline and finish a project. Any project will do!

Talk again soon!

E xx


  1. I've got to find out about Minky Erin, I don't think we have it in France, but it looks wonderful.



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