Finish Along - 2017 Q1 - Opening List

All righty. 

I don't normally do the Finish A Long, because I'm not a finisher. i'm a part-timer. But I'm on a mission for the new year to get my butt moving and get going so I'm going to try...

Feel free to check out my progress on Insta via - #2017FALQ1quinnyquilts

This quarter I will finish:
1 - Community trees (piecing top - give to long armer)
2 - Secret Squirrel (piecing top - give to recipient) 

3 - Gigi's quilt (quilting & binding)
4 - Trish's Hexies (piecing top then decide on hand quilting or long arm)
5 - Big Pineapple (binding)
6 - Pink Bubbles (quilting & binding) (so not getting done, but might as well include it, right!)
7 - Orange Blossoms (piecing) 
8 - Blue patches (piecing)  

Plus I need to be up to date with:
1 - the Penny Sampler
2 - #SnailDay
3 - Swoon-a-long

Yes, I know you've never heard of some of these projects before, but that's becasue I'm crazy and have signed up for more since writing my WIP list... a week ago. I know. I'm a terrible influence on myself.

So wish me luck.  I'm diving in. And I'll have posts on all of the new stuff coming out over the next few days :-)

Meanwhile, I'm linking in with the FAL list, and adding the button to the side bar (thanks to everyone who gave me linky tips too - there are some great ones out there, that I am going to try to join in with). And don't forget that if you're making something just for you, you can link up right here, tomorrow!!

Ok, talk to you soon!

E xx


  1. Good luck. I'm not doing the FAL this year as I'm in two UFO challenges, I look forward to congratulating you on your finishes

  2. Let's kick butt together! I can't wait to see what you finish--or make progress on. Trees really call to me, I'm intrigues with that little pic there you posted. XO

  3. This is my first time at doing this also! All we have to do is keep a positive attitude, keep in touch with other members such as Natalie (above) and before we know it, we will have completed them all! So YOU GO AND GET THEM!

    Also, Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I am still trying to work out all of the bugs in my brain to get it up and running. Which is a slow process...LOL. I really do appreciate it and hope you will stop back by! Have a Spectacular Day!

  4. Wonderful projects. I love that a few are so close to being done already. Glad the linky button worked out. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts.


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