Penny Sampler - Stash update

So I mentioned the other day that I had picked my colours for my Penny Sampler and gone on a binge at Clairs Fabrics. Well I am happy to say that they have arrived and I *love* these choices.

I know that it's not much to look at because there all solids, but still...

It's all Kona cotton, and (taking a leaf out of all the grown up quilters I know) I have bought some little labels and plan to label every swatch so I know a) what I'm using and b) what to re-order... because we all know I'm gonna end up needing to order *just a smidge* more of at least one of these. Because I always do.

If you wanted to label your solids, Debbie, from A Quilters Table, recently did a great post rounding up all the different ways to make this happen, and one of those may be just the ticket for you! :-)

As you can see, there's *a lot* of grey going on. But I tried to pick greys that had a blue-ish or pinkish undertone... I think I ended up more on the blue side, but I'm totally ok with that.

The blues themselves, are not particularly saturated. I'm hoping they will blend in with the greys and just add that little bit of difference. 

My pinks, look like they blend well in the stack, but when you pull them out separately... Well... they seem more vivid... I still think they're the right pick, but it could all go horribly wrong.

Kona Primrose, Deep Rose and Rose
The plan now is to dive into stash for some coordinating prints, and then get my sew on. I have to get a wiggle on, because I want to stay up to date, which means I only have a couple of days to make my January blocks.

But now I have fabrics, so no excuses!!!

Hope you've had a fabulous weekend!

E xx

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  1. A lovely collection of solids. I have a nice selection of Kona from Clair's too - but I was lazy and didn't label them (totally regret that now).

  2. Hi Erin, these will look gorgeous in the penny sampler, will be looking forward to seeing your progress. Cheers Fi x

  3. I think your fabric selection works. I am looking forward to seeing what prints you will pull to go with them. And all the pink is fine, it will be toned down by grey and blue =)


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