Making for Me - Back again


So before I went on my crazy hiatus, I tried to implement my very own link up.  One that would encourage as all to stop constantly giving away everything we make and to make things just because we want to. Ideally things that we'd then keep because it brings us joy. I'm very big on the doing things for joy.

So I made this link up...

Making for Me.

And the goal of this is simple:
        Link up something you've made for you

I've attempted to make a button (but I'm a bit special when it comes to this bloggy stuff, so it's not *quite* working, but it'll get there eventually... feel free to teach me, or send me a link to someone who knows this stuff).

In accordance with my patented *no rush philosophy* you can be mid way through your project, but it has to be something you're sewing just because you want to.

I want to suggest the 12th of every month, and I'll try to work out how to keep the link open for as long as possible, and in an ideal world, I'll eventually be able to offer prizes (or at least token prizes...) but until then, hopefully the monthly reminder that sewing is fun and that you're allowed to indulge in quilting for you and nobody else is prize enough ;-)

So I'll post the link in a couple of days!! and remember, take your time. Enjoy your sewing!!! And get ready to see some perfectly selfish sewing :-D

E xx


  1. This is a wonderful idea for a linky! Although I confess, a LOT of my sewing is just for me.... :)


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