Making for Me - #1 2017

Here we go!! The first attempt at a link up, in I can't remember how long...

Have you got your selfish sewing ready??  Have you got your selfish sewing steady??  Then let's go!!!!

Let's stop constantly giving away everything we make and make things just because we want to. Ideally things that we'd then keep because it brings us joy. I'm very big on the doing things for joy. In accordance with my patented *no rush philosophy* you can be mid way through your project, or even just beginning, but it has to be something you're sewing just because you want to.

Sewing is fun and you're allowed to indulge in quilting for you and nobody else .

Take your time. Enjoy your sewing!!! And get ready to see some perfectly selfish sewing :-D
E xx

1. Link up any blog post or Instagram photo from the past week that features something you made just because you wanted to - preferably something that you intend to keep.
2. To link an Instagram photo, click the “Add Your Link” button below, then click on the Instagram icon at the bottom of the screen that pops up. You should then be able to select any of your recent Instagram photos. Where it says “Link,” use the URL of your Instagram feed (for example, my URL is Please hashtag your IG post #making4me.
3. If you are linking to a blog post, please link back here to my blog somewhere in your post, because that way we can spread the selfish sewing bug - always a good thing.

**And I think I've worked out how to make a button!! If you grab the code below, let me know if it works ;-)

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