Modern Maples

I mentioned previously that I have a beautiful friend who moved to Canada (and has subsequently moved to the UK). When she moved, I felt like  should make her something that she could have that would let her know that she was loved and missed back home.

Canada, being the land of the maple leafs, it seemed like a given to make a modern maples quilt.

I went super gung ho and cut up a squillon low volume squares, and then pulled browns, oranges, yellows and reds and started chopping into them.

The picture below is where I was starting from.

The problem is, once I had made, like 4 of the brown ones, I didn't really *feel* it anymore.  It felt flat, and not like a gift og love.  And every time i laid out those precut yellow squares and tried to work myself up into getting 'em made up, I just gave up.  I was just not feeling it.

So I abandoned those blocks in a box and it sat on my cupboard for over a year... I guess I hoped I'd become re-inspired at some point.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was on a tidying mission and going through the mountains of *stuff* that had collected in my sewing room and decided, this was not going to Jess, so i should just finish up what was there.

Before I knew it I'd finished another 2 leaves (that were literally already 90% pieced) and was laying it out on the floor to work out size and placement.

I used quite a bit of those low volume with colour squares, and that brought through the reds, mustards and oranges. And I kept that nice random placement that I had in my original sketch.  What's funny is that even though I really fell out of love with this quilt in the process, I ended up really liking it.  And I wonder if it would actually suit Jess after all...

E xx


  1. Erin, of course, Jess will love this quilt! It will always remind her of the special friendship she has with you and the love you put into making it just for her. She doesn't need to know that it was put into the "hold" pile or that you had second thoughts. She just needs to know that you made it for HER! It looks great!


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